Pile of Crap: Volume "pick a number, bitch."

Job Suck

Well, as time goes by the number of applications and resumes sent out increases slowly, since after the first barage of 50 or so applications and not getting shit-all back, I slowed down. Yeah, motivation, incentive, desire… they’re all sinking away faster than that big boat that hit an iceburg… As I’m well over 100 applications now, I’ve had 2 interviews, one of which was a sham. The other of which I felt they were intimidated by me. Now I’ve entered into factory jobs… most of which I’m smarter than most people there, but I most likely still won’t get these jobs. I’m just not meant to work.

I go turned down for yet another potential small contract, of course. Would I have expected to get it? Hello, we’re talking about me. I even chopped down my prices by 15 to 40% on various things and I still didn’t get it… I rule, i kick
ass, I’m gonna start selling drugs soon. At least then I don’t have to cut my rates, just the product… yeah…

Oh well, at least I own the short version of their domain name. Time to put up a porn site.

Girl Suck

Where are you all? Where do you hang out in the summer heat? And don’t say the beach, because I’ve been there and not many of you were… so… where are you? (oh, that’s right you all got summer jobs and are working… I’d meet you if I had a job… wouldn’t I?)

Money Suck

Money sucks.

These super seven numbers must come up, 2 6 14 19 24 28 45. Maybe if I post them they’ll make their way to the lottery center’s drums and know what they’re to do.

C’mon bitch!

Now all I have left to do is keep my unsanity in check by watching lots of porn, dreaming of sexy girls and spankin’ zee monkey!

“monkeys are coming…”

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