A Letter To Maxtor

Dear Maxtor,

Subject: Disappointed

We recently purchased six 80GB Maxtor IDE hard drives, at a cost of approximately $1250CAD, to use in conjunction with a Promise SuperTrak6000 IDE RAID controller card. As a small company who relies heavily on storage capacity – at an effective cost, we are very disappointed with the performance and reliability of these drives.

Configured properly in a RAID 5 set-up these drives worked well for the initial three months of service. That is until one drive failed. (RMA# 0201029452, July 31, 2002) This drive was replaced, with an extensive delay from your distribution centre, as the status of the drive remained as “not received” for 10 days after delivery confirmation stated the receipt of the drive (Canada Post Tracking #46218380211 — August 6, 2002). We were forced to contact your RMA department to get this drive sent out ASAP.

Shortly after the first drive failure, a second one failed, (RMA# 201050610, August 15, 2002). This was not good. As you may know RAID 5 configuration allows for a single drive failure and it will rebuild all data upon replacement of said drive. With a 2-drive failure rebuild is impossible. Three months worth of data was then lost. Rebuild may have been successful had the first driveÂ’s return not been delayed.

Had we have known your drives were to prove unreliable in this configuration we would have invested our money elsewhere. Now we use the system with extreme caution and paranoia of when the next drive is going to fail. We hope you will see fit to appease our disappointment to the best of your abilities.


Darryl E Clarke

Flatline Systems


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