Live Beautifully

Have you ever paused to look outside and been inwardly blown away by nature’s beauty? The complex perfection of a single unopened rosebud, the laughter in the fall of the rain, the power and unstoppable force in thunder, the way life grows from death, which dies to feed more life…

Life in its purest form, is the crimson smudge of a summer sunset, the miracle of a birth, the love of friends and family. There is a difference in merely living and being vibrantly, feverishly alive. The difference lies in the appreciation of all that is simple, yet staggeringly complex. Life is most powerful when it is embraced with passion.

People strive daily for the sense of passionate life to flow through their veins, but for the most part, go about attaining it in the wrong way. Wrongly assuming that true happiness is the result of a carefree existence void of worry and financial stress, these well-meaning individuals work long and hard in the pursuit of extravagant amounts of money. They think that the key to happiness is to aquire enough money to pay off all their debt, to own a large house and a fancy car, travel the world, and buy expensive things. Suppose that this pursuit of pleasure would ultimately result in unecessary stress and disappointment? Once their youth is lost and their children have grown up, these people are tired and bitter, enjoying their European tours and BMW’s, but weary of life, and still eluded from real happiness; the kind that is infectious, that gives your heart wings, and inspires the youthful passion of a 6 year old unto a senior citizen. This happiness is found in both the rich and the poor, for it is not dependent on anything except observation, sensitivity, and a wholehearted appreciation for every beautiful human moment, every kind word, and every miracle of nature.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to be sucessful and financially secure. You can be a billionaire and be gloriously happy. In fact, the ideal life for most would be to have a lot of money so they can enjoy life, and live it to the fullest. The problem arises when you let money and its pursuit dominate the appreciation of life itself. Money can surround you with beauty and comfort, and it can give you opportunities that only the wealthy can experience. And that’s awesome; I mean, you worked hard for it, you should enjoy it, and you deserve it. But please, never let the sterile attractiveness of cold hard cash overpower the softest kiss, the bluest sky, the sweetest music, the most delicious fruit. Something shallow and black inside the human soul has a yearning, a greed, for more. More and more money mounds up, but will it ever truly satisfy the hole inside a person who has closed there eyes to the beauty in life?

It’s hard sometimes, in the grand ole rat race, to open up those eyes, and that soul to mellow in the sensual experience of life. Take the time to savour a sunset, to dance in the rain, and to live life. Step back from the worries, the stress, and the bills for even five minutes, and realize that money isn’t everything. It won’t solve all your problems, or even begin to fill that hole inside your heart. It won’t give you everlasting true love, or the purest sense of joy that abounds in the heart of a child. And so the bottom line in this bit of reflection is simply; enjoy life, be passionate, be sensual, and LIVE. Live beautifully.

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