Prototype by Viktoria Modesta Leaves me Confused

After watching this video, which I think is called Prototype by Viktoria Modesta I have this to say:
The way channel 4 is putting this out there bothers me. They’re taking the “my cat has a defect, internet, love her!” method.  If you say “I don’t like her!” you’re an evil asshole.Would’ve been better if they put it out there without emphasizing that she’s an amputee and leaving that as a surprise to the viewers of the video.

The video itself is pretty cool and they certainly used the prosthetic leg effectively. Can’t say I enjoyed the song though.

But overall it seems like it’s a confusing message. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel. Is she trying to be Lady Gaga? Is the dance at the end a teaser for more to come?

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