Strange Dreams


I’ve been having really strange dreams lately. I don’t normally remember dreams, so this weekend has been strange.

Without going in to much detail, my first dream was about Hangman (the game, strangely) – I’m not sure what triggered it but I was stuck in a “minority report” like world playing hangman, so I had to win to save my life. Then I woke up, and re-established hangman on Facebook. A game I made in 2007.

The second dream, the very next day, I was in a store buying something. The total was $3.95 so I opened my wallet and handed an elderly lady $5. She reached into my wallet and took another $20 and laughed at me. I said something. She laughed and handed it back. Twenty minutes later (dream time) I realized the bill she handed me back was a fake. An obvious fake with some random picture on it. By the time I figured it out she was long gone. I’m not using cash this week.

The third dream, this morning, I was in a post apocalyptic world, Brantford. I was running away from aliens or something that were attacking. I was running through Cockshutt park. The scene was quite literally a scene I’ve seen in many movies before. Again, I’m not exactly sure what it means. I didn’t die.

I’m still waiting for the dream where I actually win the lottery.

feature image, cc: Animalerrent / deviantArt

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