Does Anyone Remember The teen drama: “The O.C.”?

I’m not really sure why but this show just popped into my head.

The OC, a somewhat terrible teen drama that fell into my path when I was no longer a teenager. This show came out some time in 2003, I was approximately 25.

But I fell in love with it. I fell in love with all the drama and characters in the way a stupid teenager would. But why did it impact me so much so far into my life? There were two things I think.

The Two Things:

  1. All the music. The music involved in this show was absolutely amazing. It seemed as though almost every episode had a great track attached to it. There was no doubt in my mind that this is the number one reason why I loved this show. It simply introduced me to so many non-pop non-radio tracks. So many independent artists got a breakthrough of some sort through this show. Even if these artists didn’t make it to the “big time” they’re still around. They’re still in my regular rotation. Artists like Imogeen Heap and Kate Havnevik are two that are constantly in my rotation. I mean, just look at this list. It’s impressive. It’s worth making playlists with, right this moment.
  2. The Characters. This part may sound cliché but the characters were actually good.
    They were believable and for the most part tolerable.
    They were people that I would mostly like love to hang around with all the time.
    They were people that I missed in my early life with an exception to a few.
    They were the people that were there for me every week when I needed a little something to break me away from my miserable job doing miserable things for miserable people.

My late-teen-angst is mostly a thing of the past. So we can move on. Sometimes, though, I wish I was a teenager again so I can have my mulligan.

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