Coming to a Conclusion – Great Ideas – R.I.P.

rip great ideas

It seems as though every time I open Evernote I’m about to write down one of my great ideas.

When this happens, I get totally distracted by all my other great ideas. I have a lot of them and I think some of them are really good. But it all comes down to keeping it real.

There once was a time in my life when I thought every single great idea that I had I had to execute. I’m over that. I’m aware that there’s absolutely no way I can execute every single idea and execute them well. Ideas are cheap. Great ones are free.

With that in mind, I’ll stop hoarding my ideas in my little vault of Evernote. I’ll bring them forth and let them be free. That should make for some fun times.

Follow along the ideas tag and perhaps you’ll find something you like.

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