Some chick, sounded cute… “Hi, We’re conducting a travel survey and were wondering if you could spare 30 seconds?”

Me… “sure…” (duh, tick tock)

Her: “ok, sir, have you traveled anywhere out of country in the past 6 months?”

Me: “nope”

Her: “do you plan on travelling anywhere in the next 6 months?”

Me: “nope”

Her: “have you ever flo…” *click*

Time’s up! What can I say, she may have sounded cute but she walked right into that one. If there’s one thing I hate it’s a survey that starts with a lie! DAMN LIES!!!!!

And then… I was waiting to pickup mom out at some place and this kid, probably around 7 years old, is playing on one of those stupid silver scooter things. He says “watch me!”… I look around… yes he’s insisting I watch him attempt to do stunts. He tries a bunny hop… the scooter doesn’t move but his feet lift off the board and he makes a grunting noise… he does it a few times… does he think he’s cool? He’s not even lifting the scooter up at all!… then he slipped and fell off… didn’t cry… until he went back home (next house over) and his mommy saw him, then he cried. Damn kid, rule #1, you try stunts expect injury. rule #2 when said injury occurs, no crying allowed! blah, and WHY did he insist on me watching? stupid little shit.

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