Thunderchicken Knows Moags

As with a very few other voices in my life, I find Thunderchicken‘s is reliable even in the face of my own, well-meaning but serious doubts.

Take this whole friendship fiasco thing for instance. Her Comment was bang-on. I already knew my anger disapates quickly, but I thought the last straw had been drawn. I was convinced things could not be made better and was fully prepared to go through with ending the friendship. The person that poem was meant for, who I’ll from here-in refer to as Nesan, was in town this last weekend and, well, I spent the weekend with her; friends again. Whatever things were said in order to make up, whatever things were done, are beside the point, because Thunderchicken knew what the end result would be.

I’ve sought her ear, opinion and guidance before, and it has never failed me. Also, this is not the first time I’ve been sure she was right about something when I was sure she wasn’t. If that made any sense. I owe her I don’t know how many dinners, favours beyond measure (I mean how do you measure the un-asked-for favour of finding a friend work over the weekend to aid with financial difficulties!), small rude occassions where I come over and just play Halo. She knows I’ll buy dinners in return when I am able to. She knows that she can call me whenever if she wants to talk. I’ll listen to her beak about anything and I’m actually interested. Ever heard a Thunderchicken beak? It’s loud!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Thunderchicken for all her patience with me, and words of wisdom. Even though I can be slow to come around, well, she knows that part about me. Thanks for being my friend, and for tracking me down last year after all those years apart. And thanks for taking the time to understand and know me. Love ya!

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