I’m Off…

Well, in half an hour or so, I’m leaving with my four housemates for Ottawa and Montreal…yay reading week. Hopefully I won’t die while I’m gone, but if I do, you can all expect hauntings. And if one of you wards the house against me…I’ll be annoyed.

On that note, I think I’m going to a strip club on wednesday. The male half of one, anyway. This should be a most interesting experience. Or a most traumatizing one, depending…yay Quebec legal drinking age being only 18! Or perhaps, not yay. Whatever.

I’ll be taking lots and lots of pictures, whenever I get the chance (prolly not in the strip club…sorry ladies >:)…and should be back some time on Friday night…if I get the chance to post, then I most definitely shall…

Other than that…tiddly boogles. I’ll try to remain alive.

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