Hello Logitech


I was just wondering if you realize how long it takes to download fourty two fucking megabytes of your stupid lame ass driver and useless application for my webcam. Yeah, that’s right, FOUR FUCKING HOURS.

Is it at ALL possible for you to provide merely the DRIVERS for the webcams and NOT all the extra crap that you insist we, the users, download and waste time getting when all we want is functionaly of the device in which we paid good money for?

I might also point out that you would also save mucho deniro on bandwidth fees if you shrunk your download down to the mere 500kb that the driver itself actually takes. Yes, that’s right! You guys are stupid.

And unless things change, I’m going to stop buying your products.

As I type this, my lovely logitech keyboard is screaming pain. And my webcam is watching me, but what the fuck do you care? You already got my money. You’re the criminals, you’re bastards, I hate you.

Never again will I buy logitech.

Good bye.

Yes, I sent this to logitech. After I decided to update my drivers… and found out the driver had grown to a whopping 42MB in size. Stupid Shits. Are they really that stupid? Oh well, we’ll see what they say 😛

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