So the question is, am I a bastard marker? Well, after marking 6 essays, thus far I have handed out 1 D+, 2 C’s, 2 B’s, and 1 B+. There are still about 25 or so to go so I may give out some higher marks but you never know. To all of those out there that are still in the essay writing phase of their lives, I have some words of wisdom for you:

Edit your essays. Check for spelling and for grammar. Those count for a lot.

Don’t overdo it with the quoting. Also, don’t underdo it either.

Don’t put down random shit and don’t add new points through the body of your essay. Outline clearly your thesis in the intro and then develop and prove those point/s in the body of the essay. Make sure each paragraph relates to your thesis and that each paragraph has an introductory sentence and a concluding sentence. Make sure that each paragraph stays uniform.

Finally, simplicity and clarity cannot be understated. Oh you, you CAN’T use Contractions.

Lonely bitch out.

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