Canada Post Sucks

Canada Post can go fuck themselves.

I’m expecting a package, so I checked the tracking thing this morning and it stated:

25 August 2003 07:35
The item was sent out for delivery to the customer.

So I’m waiting up for it. I checked about 10 minutes ago and it said:

25 August 2003 AM
The customer was not available to receive the item. A card was left to advise the customer to pick up the item at their local CPC outlet.

What the fuck? I’ve been sitting here all morning waiting. Is there a card in the mailbox saying they were here? No! Did anybody knock on the fucking door? No! I love the lack of time on the so called “attempt”. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this either. I can guarentee it. Some idiot in the loading dock probably scanned it and forgot to put it on the truck, so they come up with a bullshit excuse. I’m so sick of bullshit excuses. Being a flounder in the world of IT and computer fixits I hear bullshit excuses all the time. So sick of it. All of it.

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