Canada Post Sucks

Canada Post can go fuck themselves.

I’m expecting a package, so I checked the tracking thing this morning and it stated:

25 August 2003 07:35
The item was sent out for delivery to the customer.

So I’m waiting up for it. I checked about 10 minutes ago and it said:

25 August 2003 AM
The customer was not available to receive the item. A card was left to advise the customer to pick up the item at their local CPC outlet.

What the fuck? I’ve been sitting here all morning waiting. Is there a card in the mailbox saying they were here? No! Did anybody knock on the fucking door? No! I love the lack of time on the so called “attempt”. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this either. I can guarentee it. Some idiot in the loading dock probably scanned it and forgot to put it on the truck, so they come up with a bullshit excuse. I’m so sick of bullshit excuses. Being a flounder in the world of IT and computer fixits I hear bullshit excuses all the time. So sick of it. All of it.

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  • Jason Knight

    Yup had the same thing happen to me,there was no card,no door bell,the guy didnt even come to the right house,sad that nobody does there job right


    Well, well, well. So sorry you didn’t recieve your BLO UP DOLL and VIAGRA on time. As I understand it you obviously used the word FUCK alot in your email about Canada Post Workers, so I assume you are an idiot that maybe was giving yourself a hand job and actually didn’t here the doorbell. Now I sound just as stupid as you in your email. If your gonna dis individuals make sure you get your story straight. Not all of us are as perfect as you appear to be, mistakes happen dumbass.

    • Terry

      Obviously Charity is a stupid postal worker. Mistakes happen? Canada Post is a Mistake from the word go. They deserve minimum wage, no more, and that’s too much for the job they don’t do properly.

      • I agree, minimum wage is appropriate for not doing your job!

    • gozonuts

      says the guy who works for Canada Post

    • Frenetic

      I just came across this post, and you know what? Fuck you, twat. You wanna stick up for the most incompetent “service” on the planet? Then you deserve to hear the F-bomb as many times as humanly possible. Canada post is probably the worst thing to happen since Hitler, so fuck you, kid.

    • you clearly are a postal fucker protecting your ridiculously high wages for the absolute lack of work you actually do.

      Keep being a Canada post fan boy,they’re privatized companies just waiting to do this job and fire dumb lazy fuckers like you to the curb.

    • Susan

      Should be a lot not alot and hear not here. So, you don’t just sound stupid you look it Charity.

  • Rod

    Nice, mature response. I shall assume you work for CP?

    The complaints are valid, though the words chosen to express them are perhaps a bit childish.
    The same thing has happened to me more than once. “Attempted delivery” when no such thing has occurred. Currently waiting on a package, and the online tracking hasn’t been updated in a week. It was recorded as picked up, and that’s it. Why have I paid for tracking, exactly?

    Canada Post needs an overhaul. It has become complacent, and bogged down with the Union. I believe in FAIR treatment of workers, but the CP union has gone far beyond being “FAIR”. It has caused the service itself to suffer.

    CP has become a bloated, lazy waste of time and money. For the 35 bucks I spent for shipping, I could have paid a private courier and had it here already.

    As for you, Charity. You are a poor spokesperson for CP, all you’re doing is perpetuating the stereotype of the average CP worker as self-entitled. “Mistakes happen” is a valid excuse for children, not for a national business. In other businesses, when mistakes happen, they correct them, even if it costs them a little. When mistakes happen at CP, the response is inevitably “oh well”.

    We pay for the service because we need it. We pay extra because we need it quickly. We expect a bare minimum level of service, and often… That bare minimum isn’t met. That isn’t mistakes happen”, it’s a poorly managed with spoon-fed employees.

  • Gaye Laing

    I’m expecting a package from Wpg. It left there just after midnight on Sat morning and got to Mississauga on Sunday evening where it has been “in transit” ever since. This is Wed. and I live in Woodstock. How freaking long does it take? I could have driven there in 90 minutes and picked it up myself.

  • jason

    CANADA POST IS THE WORST FUCKING RUN COMPANY ON THE PLANET. ONE SIDE OF THE COMPANY DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE OTHER IS DOING. WASTE OF OUR MONEY AND TAX DOLLARS. I had many packages that were suppose to be redirected to to my new address but it seems they were too lazy too even though I paid 200 dollars for the redirection service. So what did they do, THEY SENT THEM BACK ACCROSS CANADA TO THE SENDER EVEN THOUGH I JUST MOVED DOWN THE STREET. B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T

    • j

      before you make a comment do your research Canada Post is not paid by your tax dollars!!!!

    • uncle jojo

      Your taxs dollars? Get your story straight asshole. Self sufficient since 81, cracker brain, C.P. pays the goverment millions yearly.

  • April

    Before you all start losing you shit you need to get your story straight. Now I do not disagree that CP had some terrible employee that may not provide the best possible service they can however I can speak for the other percent that do there best every single day and work hard everyday for very little considering our wage.

    Now in response to Jason you are very misinformed your tax dollars do not run or pay for Canada Post Corp. CP is a sell sufficient and financed business. And in regards to your change of address I have suffered the same issue…so I dont condone the mistake however it can be corrected and the COA does not cost $200… and it is your responsibility to UPDATE your address not Canada Post. If you order a package online and dont update your current address and it gets past your courier you should have taken the time to correct your address. Now lets explain this to you…. in a sortation case you have an individual card with your COA information on it… your mail is sorted here and then seperated and redirected…not your parcels your parcels are done differently this is why its important for YOU the customer to update YOUR address…

    No hard feeling but get it right before you bitch up a storm… again i dont condone all the mistakes however there are valid explanation.

  • Pauline

    Canada Post “Stinks….the service is horrible. I sent two envelopes from Toronto to Vancouver same day. One arrived 9 days later and the other still hasn’t arrived. No wonder nobody sends things in the mail anymore. They are awful…this was the first and last time I will send via Cda Post

    • uncle jojo

      Canada post dosent give a shit about your two letters, they would say ..go fuck yourself

      • bob

        And that right there is the problem. They don’t give a sh!t. Perhaps their jobs need to be on the line so that they Do give a sh!t.

  • Charles Warren

    Canada Post is pathetic. They are lazy and overpaid. I’ve had similar issues on numerous occasions. If I applied for a job, I won’t get it…because I’m efficient and have a conscience.

    • uncle jojo

      Your full of shit bitch

    • Beyonce

      LOL! True dat! LOL

  • SmartSsa

    I love it when there’s an uprising against Canada Post. It comes in waves, it makes me giggle.

  • MI

    The same thing happened to me today. I was home expecting the delivery, but received the card instead. I have a newborn – it’s difficult for me to go and pick up a big parcel pushing a stroller. I am so upset!!

    • uncle jojo

      If the parcel requires a signature they will come to the door if it dosent require a sig you have to go pick it up, simple

      • bob

        Not true. Just happened today. Required a sig and we had to go pick it up. No delivery card, no attempt. Good thing we checked the tracking.

  • Toolman

    Canada Post needs to fire everyone and hire competent workers who can do the job and care about customers, not fat lazy people who play God with peoples packages. I had an issue with a package and when i complained the person i spoke to made excuses and then did something to delay my delivery which should have been next day to 5 days. They should remove Canada from there name as they make us hard working Canadians look bad.

  • Trevor

    Canada post is the worst ever
    International priority parcel took twenty days to go from Winnepeg to Vancouver. It’s now taken 42 days to go from Vancouver to Australia and it still hasn’t arrived at Australia. Go to Canada post to try and get assistance and every method of contact takes you around in circles so you can’t even get assistance for where it is. What a crap company, I get stuff regular parcel post from the US in two weeks. Is Canada post for real. Guess who this impacts on, yep, any business in Canada as it stops us from purchasing from them because you know your parcel won’t arrive

    • uncle jojo

      Shit for brains, the counter people ship them off for you thats it! Inquiries 1 800 267 1177



    • uncle jojo


  • Brandon

    I have had nothing but problems. On seperate occasions but making up about 80 percent of my transactions there hae been issues. A passport so soaked and muddy it had to be replaced, an empty box that was ripped wide open on one side, damaged items, late items, tracking showing my parcel is there but when I ask for it “its not sorted yet” even days later, paid for 6-10 day shipping and it took 14 days, paid for two day shipping and today is the fourth day and still waiting. I am done with them, anything I send now goes purolator, or waits until I can simply drive it to its destination. They are a joke and their service is terrible. I had a parcel show up two days before their last strike and again could not pick it up before they walked out because they hadn’t sorted it yet. All told that one took 23 days to go 1300 km.

  • Canada post sucks

    I have many packages lost by the Canada Post. They are doing a horrible job but they demand better benefit and salary? Get real! Today I just lost a package that I bought from the state. It says item had been delivered but I never received it. The guy that I was talking to wasn’t even helpful and he sounds very rude. I live in a condo and we have a policy states all packages have to go through concierge which there will be a signature as to who receive it. I asked him who received my package but the guy said there was no signature. I told him if there is no signature then the concierge did not receive it. (I have talked to the concierge to check that too) He kept repeating “the sender did not request for signature” I know that. But there is no way the Canada Post driver delivered the item without the signature of the concierge. In the end he wouldn’t open the investigation for me and he said it’s the sender responsibility, not me. This is ridiculous!It’s Canada Post’s responsibility to lost so many packages!!!!!

  • RepoMan

    Used to be pro Canada Post – cannot force myself anymore. time to disband this lousy carrier. Last straw – ordered a chest from China – shipped fedex – the same day a t-shirt I ordered had cleared customs and was ‘on its way’ Well the package from China arrived today – nothing from Canada Post. Pitiful.

  • gozonuts

    Canada Post has been running a scam on Canadians for years – you pay for a service which is mailing something and someone else receiving it at their door. Pretty simple. But if this something is bigger than your mail slot, it is common place for the postal worker to simply fill out a notice of delivery card and put that in your box instead. They NEVER had your package! I am guessing their union has seen to them not having to work that hard.The card usually will say they attempted delivery, but as someone who works at home, this is a flat out lie.
    How can this fraud be allowed to happen and happen in such a blatant way? And what is more frustrating than phoning an agent, who doesn’t know any more than you, but fabricates something to placate you? You can phone 5 times and get 5 different answers, and this is ok with them. Complain too much and they red flag you for even worse service, which is happening to me. And what can I do about it? Not a fucking thing. You can’t even yell at the person who is responsible because there is no one responsible for this institutionalized rot!

  • SanMan

    Yeah I just got a card from canada post, what the hell I didnt get my package, I have to go down to the post office to pick it up WTF, whats the point of ordering it when I have to go pick it up. Whats sad is if I use UPS they will just drop it off at my house, how hard is that.

    • hoodies and goodies

      The troll at my CP outlet really gave me the runaround…
      Before XMas, I got a parcel slip in my mailbox, drove the 20 miles to pick it up only to find it was small enough to fit in my mailbox. That’s ok. Then, the next day, I got another parcel pick up slip and tried to call CP because I was pretty sure it was for the same parcel. That was my big mistake. She put me on HOLD, but all she did was set the phone down on the counter so I could hear everything–her making fun of me to walk in customers & cracking jokes at my expense. Every time I could hear someone was leaving, I would call out “Merry Christmas!” and that would start another round of laughs. Troll never did pick up the phone, I finally had to hang up and drive in myself. When I got there and handed her the parcel slip, she told me I had already picked it up–like I was the idiot! Then she told me I should take my business elsewhere. Unbelievable!!! Two months later me and my antiquated mother went in to pickup another parcel and she called the cops on us! The cop asked to talk to me and told me to go home, so I did. Good Grief!!!!!

  • bob

    I’ve actually had neighbors 2 doors away bring my package to me that they found in their front yard. The postal worker dropped it there while they were cutting across the yard.

    I’ve had a package that sat in the post office until they were about to be sent back, because no delivery was ever attempted and no notice was ever given.

    I’ve seen a package that was tracked go from Quebec to Newfoundland before coming to Ontario.

    I almost never get a delivery notice, and if I do, the package has been at the post office for days.

    If they can’t leave it at the door, they don’t even try to deliver it or notify me.

    Most of the time my packages go to a another facility in the same town and sit there a day (or a weekend) before I can pick them up at the retail outlet. The two buildings are a short walk from one another.

    If you call someone with a problem, the standard response is that they don’t have any more information than is on the tracking site. So basically no one can help you.

    Canada Post is in dire need of quality assurance.

    How is it that these people still have jobs?

  • al

    i sent a letter from prince George bc to Vancouver on july5 today is the 18th .naaaa its gone,lost,idiots job is to read a few letters and numbers and get enough to buy a house,morons,do the poor kiddie A-HOLES still get clothing allowance ,,waaaaaaaaaaa someday cloth me please

    • Charles

      There are businesses that want us to shop online and we as consumers want to. Companies should use other methods of shipping and put Canada Post out of business or threaten closure of Canada Post then maybe they will get there shite together.

  • Susan

    We regularly ship International and had two orders going to London, England. We shipped one Canada Post – International at a cost of approx. $100. Went across the border and for the same $100 shipped a parcel USPS. The parcel was in London, England from the US in 4 days. The parcel shipped from Canada was still sitting in Montreal and took over 2 weeks to arrive. Who the heck wants to buy from
    Canada when a company in the US can get the parcel there in 1/3 of the time? I have had too many issues regarding Canada Post and their incompetence to list here. Yesterday, we removed our rural route mail box entirely and have had our mail routed to my business office because the carrier bought a new car and wants us to lower our mailbox. They had a truck and went to a car. Funny, because 2 years ago they had us move it higher because they bought a truck. Lazy, spoiled, rude, arrogant does not even cover it.

  • Ruben

    So here is my story. Very similar to some of the stories above. So I order different things online all the time. BestBuy, NCIX, Staples, Ebay, etc. I have experience with Purolator, UPS, Canada Post, and Staples own delivery service. Multiple times I’ve had issues with Canada Post in the past, particularly when it comes to parcel delivery. At each time, I try to overlook it or say maybe it was during the ten minutes I was in the shower or something like that. I’ve had zero issues with UPS, Purolator or Staples. Even had one good experience with Purolator that delivered my package two days early!!

    This time however, I really needed this item on the day it was arriving because it was a gift that I was going to drop off in the evening. I was tracking it closely online so once I knew that it was confirmed to be delivered I stayed home and waited. Made sure my phone line was free for the condo buzzer and made sure I could easily hear my door. I also had a Staples delivery coming in as well that day, had them both the same day to save my time. So nothing for the morning till about noon, that’s odd since Canada Post always comes in the morning. So I figure, lets check the mail at least for my regular mail and low and behold I find a delivery notice card. The irony was the regular mail Canada post guy that just carries the bag was also there. I asked him whats going on, he said there’s a different guy doing parcels and he wasn’t sure when he came. He told me to look at the card for the time and guess what, the delivery person didn’t write a time when they “attempted” to deliver or state when it should be picked up. The Canada post guy that was there had no response. This was infuriating because this time, their really is no excuse because I was HOME.

    I called Canada Post looking for an explanation, at first they said that it may be possible that Best Buy sent it to be picked up at the post office. That didn’t make sense to me at all, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt, realistically I had a feeling they were wrong because I would have just ordered to pick up in store instead if I felt like wasting my time to pick it up. Called Best Buy to confirm and they said no, it was ordered to be delivered to your home address. I’m angrier now. Called Canada Post back telling them this is ridiculous. Also, they couldn’t even find my delivery notice card number in there system. They were only able to give me the information from the tracking system online which just stated out for delivery. Now I’m insisting that they can explain what happened here and why didn’t I get a buzz or knock on the door (which I really don’t expect them to know) but at least entertain the possibility that the delivery guy didn’t make an attempt to deliver. Instead however, they tell me I have the wrong delivery card, its probably for another delivery and that its still on its way. At this point, I’m thinking that they have to be joking, I reiterate that it is fact they only shipment from Canada Post that I am expecting and I wouldn’t make this error. Still wouldn’t entertain the possibility that maybe the person just didn’t make an attempt to deliver. So at this point, I’m just angry and disappointed. I ask them if they can remedy this situation, since waiting for the package proved pointless. Can you at least tell me when the package will be available – their response: No, don’t have delivery card in system so likely tomorrow afternoon if the deliver card is for this delivery. I respond with well that’s not helpful, since I needed it today. Then I suggest that a re-delivery should be attempted but this time with a real attempt. They tell me they can’t today (UPS and Purolator can do this but usually the next day and this is when I have genuinely missed the package. Hell, Purolator can even contact the driver directly) and if they could, it would likely take “5 DAYS!”. Well I’m out of the city then, is there a way to redeliver sooner since it appears it wasn’t actually delivered. Their response: Well you just need to go pick it up, there is nothing else we can do.

    This is abysmal service with no attempt to acknowledge that a mistake was could have been made or even a reasonable attempt to rectify it. Horrible business model. My solution is a boycott of Canada Post. I put in a complaint with Best Buy regarding the shipping option. Canada Post will not survive, not with attitudes like this. At minimum a redelivery attempt the NEXT day should be attempted, at minimum. That is standard with UPS and even can be requested with Purolator.

    As a comparison, Staples second delivery to me in the last two days. They usually give a general time like between 9 and 5pm (which is similar between all companies) but further specifies that they usually are able to come around the same time they usually deliver stuff to your address at. Which helps plan and is true. All Staples deliveries come to my address between 1130 and 230pm. So I get a buzz at 2pm, guy walks in, knock on door, pleasant, and gets me to sign receipt giving me a copy. Quick in and out in 2 minutes. Flawless and simple. Deliveries aren’t complicated, I don’t get how Canada Post can’t get there act together. Well one less customer for them, many deliveries less for them and one long negative post. They can enjoy that.

    As an anecdote, no hard exact facts to back this up. In my experience, there service has steadily declined since they became unionized. Unions seem to be based on the right principles but they destroy the quality of labour. I’ve observed this similar trend in hospitals and department stores industry. I’ve worked in the latter two locations and feel that I can warrant the comment. That’s just my two cents

  • LongCat

    I’m sick of this bloated carcass. Everything takes longer coming to Vancouver Island than it does leaving it. I send to the U.S and Canada frequently.

    My xpresspost parcel left the island and got to Saskatoon in one business day, yet… every time I get an item coming to me, it stalls in Vancouver for a few days. WHY?

    I hate their sorting facility there. It’s like a void where goods get tossed in to and ‘gradually’ dealt with. Does my outgoing stuff bypass the void and go straight to the destination? It seems like it. Also, it does NOT take 10 business days for one small package to get to Quebec. ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME?

    Stuff from Texas and Florida comes faster. Canada Post is a terrible business. They over charged on EVERYTHING. Tell me how one Nintendo Game used to cost $3.00 to mail, now costs me $8.00. A tiny box filled with 4 games was $7.50, and it’s now $17.10? You guys are con artists. USPS at least charges the Amercians what it’s supposed to be. Canaduh Post pulls the prices out of their arse.

    They cut down the workers, and increase the cost. WTF. Greedy suits stealing our coin. They leave notices without even delivering. My old place was horrible for that. I WATCHED the delivery guy walk right past me on the steps of my house, put the card in the mail slot, and attempt to leave.

    I said, “Excuse me, where is my package?” His response was, no one is here to answer it!” “WHAT? I’m right here!” He goes, “You’ll have to pick it up!” I then said, “Do you even have it on you, or are did you leave it in the grey box to have it rerouted back to the facility?” He ignores me and walks away.

    What an arse. SO now I know that some employees don’t bother doing their jobs. Screw you Canada Post. I will pay the few bucks more to get it delivered ON TIME. Boycott this bloated behemoth.

    • oddwonout

      I feel your pain, I as well live on the island and notice how speedy parcels arrive in Richmond only to sit there a for a couple of business days, same story here as well about only dropping the card and not attempting to deliver. I have been at home for the last 3 deliveries only to find the card in my mailbox. Ridiculous!

  • Toolman

    A friend of mine moved to Calgary and had some items shipped Canada Post which I advised was not so wise and advised she might not get them because they are lazy and do not do the job they are paid to do. She paid alot of money and is still waiting. Calling them was no help as they said it should be any day. The packages are now back in Ontario with the excuse they could not find the unit where she lives. She and her room mates get mail all the time. If the mail can get there why did the packages not arrive. They all need to be fired as there are alot of Canadians who want to work and will do the job 100% better then the lazy F_cks that are there now. When will the government wake up and clean house instead of baling out these lazy assholes who hold us hostage.

  • SilverSurfer

    Quit stealing my mail you assholes. No seriously. Tampering with my mail is a federal crime and you should all be thrown in jail for it.

    Canada Post is criminal, and the workers help themselves to mail that looks like an easy score. No matter where I go, customer service is rude when I ask them about where my items are. They’re useless. If they access the same tracking website that I can, they don’t need a job. This company needs an overhaul because their fat union cheques are making them drunk with power. Canada Post is killing online sales for Canadians. Thanks to their lustrous greed, we are forced to pay more for less service. They’ve monopolized the postal industry and care little for the customer. Fire them all. As the person above me said, give people who would actually do the job… jobs.

  • Jessica the canada post hater

    Uncle jojo you fucking cum guzzling cunt I wish I could fucking shit in your dinner every night, you lazy pathetic canada post worker why don’t you go suck canada posts fat stinky pussy you should recognize it it’s just like your moms . You shit for brains fat fucking cum dumpster, maybe if piss and shit smiling loser like you didn’t works for canada post it would a better company. Hopefully you’re hit by a canada post truck and die and your entire family does of cancer and aids you fucking dick gobbling faggot.

  • Pj

    Early this year I was at the Post Office about to ship an item, it was only $2.65 to ship a small envelope so I was searching my pockets to see if I had a few dollars instead of using my credit card. A customer then came up behind me, reached in her purse and tossed $5 on the counter to pay for my shipment and left. As tempting as it was I told the Postal Clerk that I wasn’t comfortable with someone paying for my shipping and gave her my credit card. The clerk said I was being silly and it’s only a few dollars why use your credit card, besides the woman was just a really nice person, so the clerk used the $5. At this point I felt a little silly making a big deal out of nothing but let it go. Yet as I was walking back home I had a funny feeling I hadn’t heard the last of this…

    A few day’s later I’m back at the Post Office shipping another item and just as I’m reaching for my wallet, the same clerk makes a comment “Come on, no one’s here to pay for your shipping today”. I was shocked that she would be so mean spirited considering I was reluctant to accept the good will gesture in the first place, and only did at her insistence and now she was throwing it in my face! I spoke to the clerk later about the incident, and asked why she set me up like that – she was reluctant to admit any wrong doing, but out of frustration to my persistence she finally said “Oh it’s just my sense of humor alright!”. That was pretty much the last of this silly episode so I thought… A week or so later I’m about to pay for shipping an item and another Postal Clerk (her good friend) quipped as I opened my wallet “Wow look at the moths fly out of there!”

    So several months later and the BS is still going on, they’ve not let me forget… although I don’t know what, or what they’re trying to prove – I didn’t do anything?, I was framed, I’m innocent! ~ but nobody cares… Must be nice to make that kind of money, behave really unprofessionally, treat the customer badly, answer to no one, not be accountable for anything ~ Wow, Unions are really worth their salt aren’t they!

    • Susan

      PJ, It takes all kinds but next time they mention anything about the incident tell them it is called “pay it forward” and ask them the last time they were kind to someone? And, oh, by the way your “sense of humour” is getting old and tiresome. With all the time on their hands they should have been able to come up with a better “come back” than the same old, same old. Yes, you will probably receive crappy service from now on but were you really receiving service in the first place? At least it will be done quietly πŸ™‚

      • Pj

        Susan, thanks for your two cents…

        But that’s the rub here, the clerk set me up, under the guise of “hey just pay it forward” to tempt me to accept the act of kindness, so I played right into her hands… I guess she felt I needed to be taught a lesson? I saw an opportunity but thought better of it, she saw an opportunity and went for it ~ I was naive and trusting she was genuine and now I’m crying she put one over on me, not to mention it was unprofessional considering what “Canada Post” apparently represents. There’s plenty of allegories and parables in history of this dynamic – Adam & Eve, Samson & Delila where the female manipulates the male for her own gain, agenda or pure entertainment. Yup and both sexes are guilty of that act…

        Interestingly the other clerks don’t even acknowledge the incident happened, and the pay it forward concept – well as far as they’re concerned I guess an individual apparently has to be deserving of it and they’re the ones that make that decision. This reference is going to be self serving so sue me – In the movie “As Good As It Gets” with Helen Hunt & Jack Nicholson ~ The receptionist at his publishers office asks “how do you read women so well” he replies “oh that’s easy, I just think of a man and I remove all reason and accountability” – Oh I love that line!!! because it’s been my experience dealing with the female species, not all females mind you just the ones that I’ve dealt with, ok that’s self serving too. Ya I know that smacks of sexist chauvinism ~ certainly no laws against that πŸ˜‰ Hey I realize I let my guard down, someone saw and opening and went for it. On one hand I thinks she’s an unhappy sadistic bitch, and on the other maybe just something I needed to learn? ~ Trust no one…. Or what’s that other proverb – “Trust nothing that bleeds for 5 days and Lives…” ~ Sage advice indeed! πŸ˜‰ You probably took offense to that, thought so…

        I feel this is really more about behavior of the people vs. the consequence to their actions – there isn’t any! I’ve already sent a letter to the CP Ombudsman, and it will take a few months for this issue to be dealt with. I requested a written apology from this clerk, however I realize now how silly this is as the clerk already down played the whole incident, she’s satisfied she got pay back, not to mention it’s still paying dividends as in the her coworkers current behavior towards me. She’s already quipped “oh come on, let it go”? – so do I trust she’s being genuine now? Fool me once shame on her, fool me twice shame on me!

        Besides when this incident is investigated all she has to say is I’m a difficult customer and her coworkers will no doubt back her up. So I appreciate the futility of this whole silly fiasco – Yup, one of the hardest decisions in life can be deciding what battle to fight or bridge to burn – although for some people it can be real easy. So that’s my biggest issue here, there’s no real consequence to their actions as the Union protects them, compared to if they worked in a retail environment, although I appreciate that even without a Union there’s no guarantee an employer will discipline employee’s satisfactorily or their behavior is any better or worse – but I do know that if an employer feels that an employee has fucked up badly enough that that person is usually fired, problem solved!

    • Susan

      Jojo, If you spent your time doing your job at Canada Post instead of posting here, perhaps this website wouldn’t exist. Sweet Jesus on stick! I just realized that you probably procreated and your darling, beer swigging, shit for brains offspring are now in line to take over your job. We thought we were in trouble before! You guys are such idiots that you don’t realize most of you will be out of job in the next 10 years! You will be just another courier service that nobody will use. Paperless society will be the norm. Good Riddance!

  • Susan
  • Fedup_Cannuck

    As the last person posted above, it looks like the unions finally won and are allowing the lazy dimwits get their way. No more delivery of parcels period… for the privileged few who actually get their parcels on time and have never seen the infamous “delivery notice cards” that the rest of us are all too familiar with, expect to start experiencing the annoyed frustration that everyone else on this site have been experiencing since CP became unionized.

    What annoys me the most is that they can’t even get THEIR OWN PRODUCTS shipped properly. I collect philatelic material and often order first day covers, collections yearbooks, etc. online via Canada Post’s own website. I remember a few years ago, I’d order something via XpressPost on a Monday, it would be “processed” and charged to my card the day after, then by the 3rd day the item would be shipped out from Ottawa and on its way to me. I’d usually get the items about 1 week later on a Wednesday or Thursday.

    NOW, I order something via XpressPost on their site on a Monday, it takes 4-5 DAYS before they even bother processing the order and it’s only shipped out 1 WEEK LATER on the following Monday. Do I get the item 2-3 days later? Nope… it’s slated for delivery 5 days later on a Friday which means I’ve only got a 50/50 chance that I’ll actually get my item on that day. 50% of the time, my Friday deliveries get delayed until the following Monday and in some cases, the following Tuesday.

    I keep getting the same boilerplate responses everytime I try calling to file a complaint… “we only know what is listed on the tracking info section of site”, “standard processing is 5 days, XpressPost is 7-10 business days, regular delivery is 10-15 business days, etc”. The quality really has gone down the shitter. I often meet the mail men/women delivering regular mail to my community mailbox and they always have the same excuses too “they keep laying off people, we don’t have enough people to deliver all items, we are doing the jobs of 2-3 people”. If they are being HONEST, then fine… it’s somewhat understandable as I know crown-run government organizations always expect more to be done with less, but if they’re lying and simply making up excuses then I guess that’s unacceptable.

    After some investigation, I found out the location of the 2 postal sorting facilities in my city. One is located in an industrial park on one side of town and the other is located on the other end of town near a school district. Since I live closer to the school district sorting facility, the parcels that go to the location at the end of town must first go to the other facility before anything leaves for delivery to my place. Very annoying as in the past, all items would be shipped for delivery from the first facility directly.

    On 2 occasions, I’ve had to GO PICKUP MY PARCEL MYSELF at the sorting facilities after they sat there for over 1 week without being delivered. I went at 11am to the facility closest to me and found the loading dock FULL of employees who appeared to be hanging around doing nothing/on smoke break. When I asked the desk clerk if everyone was on a smoke break, she just laughed and said “yeah, since they got here this morning”. After getting someone to begrudgingly lookup my tracking #, they magically fished my parcel out of a bin on the sorting floor and said “oops, guess it fell through the cracks and never made it onto the delivery truck after all”.

    On the 2nd occasion, I went at the first location on end of town around 2pm (this is the main facility where all incoming parcels go to in this city) and the place was empty. I finally found a floor manager and asked why an item was stated as “out for delivery” yet I hadn’t received it 1 WEEK later. They again used the “fell through the cracks” routine and said they didn’t know where my parcel was and to call Canada Post to report it as lost in the mail. As I was leaving, I glanced at the sorting bins and noticed a large box… since I knew the item I had ordered from Amazon was fairly large, I asked the manager to check it. After some arguing, he finally relented and checked it out… he was amazed that I could recite the recipient’s address before he even read it off to me. Sure enough, it was my parcel… sitting in a sorting bin… AGAIN… not having been touched in over a week.

    It’s pretty ridiculous when you have to go to the sorting facilities yourself and do Canada Post’s job for them! The fact that the cost of stamps is rising from 63 cents to 1 dollar means I will likely stop collecting Canada Post items as it’ll become too cost prohibitive. I’ve also decided to upgrade to Amazon Prime and have been getting my parcels on-time every since via UPS… in some cases even a day or 2 early and in the rare instances where UPS delivers an item a day late, Amazon refunds my shipping costs no questions asked.

    US Post is also raising the cost of stamps from 46 cents to… wait for it… 49 cents. And people in American are completely outraged, protesting the increase, etc. yet here in Canada, the cost is jumping from 63 cents to 1 DOLLAR and nobody is even fussing about it? Why? Oh right, because nobody who knows better uses Canada Post to ship mail anymore. Thanks to e-billing and email, regular postal mail is now as antiquated and outdated as the dinosaurs.

    Maybe Mr. Chopra should just cash-in his golden parachute and let someone who actually gives a shit step in and fix the clusterfuck which has become our government-run postal service.

    • Fedup_Cannuck

      Was digging around Canada Post website and stumbled upon this nice little chart of XpressPost “Delivery Standards” which was updated in December 2013.

      Most areas across Canada = 2 to 3 day delivery. Oh really? Then WTF do most of my orders from Canada Post take 2 weeks to show up?

      Add about 5 to 10 days to the times stated and the chart would be more accurate.


    Here’s some more bullshit from Canada Post. I live on the east coast. My package (from the states) cleared customs In Vancouver on January 5th at 5:30 a.m. Two days later, at the same time I look, and it only moved 10 km SOUTH to Richmond!!! WTF? Today is a nice sunny day, the temperature is -9, I try once more to track my package. Says it finally reached the distribution center in St-Laurent, but that the item will be delayed because of extreme weather conditions. I can see the fucking snow melting!!! Extreme conditions my eye you lazy assholes!

  • Dave

    Ordered a parcel from Cabela’s on the Jan 28. Was sent out by CP on Jan 30.Left Winnipeg and went to MISSISSAUGA.Left there and went right past me and went to Halifax and finally back to SJ NB.Supposed to be xpress post.Seven days later and no suck big time

  • x

    I’m really pissed at Canada Post. The same thing happened to me at least three times. I hate how they check marked “No Answer” when they didn’t even ring the doorbell while I was home all those times. Canada Post have the most worst service ever! Also I hate how they don’t even have an on-line area for me to write my complaints. I even called them, however, it was all voice recording and I couldn’t even reach a customer service rep. They are increasing their prices and doing a horrible job. Form now on, avoid Canada Post as much as possible. Totally not worth our businesses.

  • Mike

    I thought I would try the CP tracked small package to the US, about half the cost of FedEx. 10 days now and no one can tell me where it is…… What a waste of my time. FedEx and UPS get my business back….

  • Keith

    Canada Post is not responsible. I’m expecting a letter mail since 3/10/2014. When I track, it was saying “Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing” When I call, CSRs are lying. They ask me to contact Customs. I called customs and they say Canada post always lies and that they don’t keep mail at customs. Funny thing is it shows that it will be delivered in 3-7 days. Today is 4/03/2014. Now it says “international item has left Canada”. Are you kidding?? This letter should be delivered to me in Canada. I hope they close Canada Post for Good and Kick those useless idiots to curb.

  • Andy K

    Well let me tell you about my wonderful experience. I purchased an item and tracked it to the “out for delivery” Stage. Yay i thought, my package will be here before my trip. i I wait two days and wouldnt you know it, no delivery card and no package.
    So i go to the track site and notice it says the package was taken back to the depot and then to Vancouver the same day! I live on vancouver island… what the hell happened to holding an undelivered parcel for 15 days?? Anyway I,m a pretty reasonable guy, so i phone Canada Post. (incidentally, did you know that it is easier to make a phone call and connect to the prime minister than reach Canada Post) After talking to a representative, i was assured that i would receive a callback within 4 hrs. Great i think its not too late. After six hrs i phone back and ask why i never got the call. The new representative apologizes and says ” oh you will hear back from a supervisor between 8:00 am and noon tomorrow”. Now i,m thinking this is not good because its in Vancouver, the exit point back to china. Well i anxiously await the call the next morning. Noon passes and no call. Okay now i,m getting irritated. So i sign up for email confirmations of what is going on and i call again. I tell the representative this is my third call and why havent i heard anything back? “i,m sorry sir but it is being looked into, someone will contact you shortly”
    Its the third day now since i first called. I have yet to get a call, or an email from Canada Post! I checked the tracking and guess what?? The package has left canada and is now enroute to China. Wow! I just cant get over the efficiency of the Postal System. This all comes down to the postal carrier on my street. How smart do you have to be to notice that a package you need a signature for is at the wrong house? Could an indication be when the householder says thats not my parcel? So my item was delivered two houses away from me, and the postal worker walked up to my house, with other mail that had my same name, and postal code on it as that package which is now on a plane to China!
    I,m sorry but words escape me now…on second thought maybe i will phone the Prime Minister. In Dum and Dummer, Jim Carry should have been a Canada Post Employee.

  • Andy k

    Oops in my anger i spelled Dumb and Dumber incorrectly.

  • Larry

    Our street is under construction (possibly for months) but I still get a newspaper delivered everyday and FedEx , UPS, Purolator and everyone else shows up with deliveries, but Canada Post says for safety reasons the Postal delivery person won’t be delivering mail until the construction is done, but we can pick our mail up 11 km. away during the coming months. So to summarize it’s ok for over a dozen people and business persons to drive 22 km a day to get there mail instead of 1 person doing 500 meters of their route. Typical, I can’t get through to the supervisor because he doesn’t answer the phone and there is no way to leave a message. By the way there are 3 retail postal outlets in the immediate area, one within 2 km. No wonder they are on the brink of extinction. If I ran my company like that I would have been out of business decades ago.

    • Beyonce

      They really are totally useless. CP will be extinct soon. One thought…I just wonder what happened to Uncle Jojo? LOL


    CP is at it again.. being slow, lazy, and incompetent. Get this, I sent a package on the 2nd to my buddy down in South Dakota from Victoria. I shit you not. It got there on the 5th. He mailed a package to me on the 1st. It’s now the 14th and it’s still not here. CP took it in to their hands on the 6th. It’s been ‘enroute’ for 7 days.

    WTF. Are they dragging it down the TransCanada? I really don’t get the company any longer, and with the coming mail changes where we all have to go pick them up from community boxes is the nail in the coffin. Go to hell you lazy bastards.

    The price of stamps has also skyrocketed. I sent ONE small puffy letter. It cost me like $1.50 ??!?!?!!?!?

    I hate them so fucking much. Go out of business you fucking assholes.


    Canadians are getting totally fucking hosed over this shit stain of a company. I am beyond fed up with CP. Do I really have to pay couriers now to ship a fucking letter, or a package? Am I really being cornered as a customer by this monopoly to pay out the ass for a competent mail system? Like seriously. OMFG!

    I don’t understand this shit at all. Why are they so slow. Why are they so fucking incompetent? It blows my fucking mind that this continues.

    That’s it. I am DONE with these assholes. All packages from friends, or eBay are going to be put through UPS, FEDEX, or other guys. FUCK YOU CANADA POST.

  • I am a disabled,self-employed person on a monthly CPP Disability Pension. Each month I have received on time and schedule my CPP Pension Cheques in the mail from Canada Post. Except for this past Thursday,June 26th,when I was supposed to have received my CPP Pension Cheque in the mail. When I called CPP in Ottawa I was informed my Cheque was sent out to the mail on June 13th to my address. Not having as yet received this much needed and necessary monthly pension cheque has been most stressful for me. I have contacted / called Canada Post management,spoke to a Canada Post Manager,who investigating this issue. I conclude the cheque was either lost or misplaced by Canada Post. Now I have to continue to wait,if I do not receive the cheque by today,Friday,July 4th,I have to call CPP,where they will do a direct new deposit into my bank account. I used to have alot of confidence in Canada Post. Not anymore. Being self-employed is very hard.
    (I am an analogue audio transfer engineer-transferring 78 RPM,cassette tapes,reel to reel tapes to CDs) I formerly had a wonderful postal carrier from Canada Post for the apartment building mailbox,she was superb and truly cared. Now Canada Post has changed my postal carrier and he seems to come at different hours and days. I have filed a complaint form with Canada Post,which unfortunately the stock reply: “Your Cheque is in the mail”. Very nice,but when will I receive it in my mailbox? I don’t really blame the workers,it is the CEO-Deepak Chopra.

  • Tim Taylor

    We need to put pressure on companies to stop using Canada post and shut them down put the lazy assholes out of work and let them rely on there mail.
    Complain to companies advise you will shop elsewhere if they use Canada post, if everyone bans together we can stop Canada post BS. I just went through it again with a package that says delivered today and I do not have it, they even have signature confirmation sheet which when I opened says Signature not required.
    They lie to companies to make them look good when they actually screw customers.
    Complain, complain to the companies that use Canada Post, ban together, I plan to not shop with a company who delivery options are Canada Post only and I will tell them so.
    We have the power Lets ban together and Shut down the lazy assholes.

  • bill

    Fuck every one on this post u r all asshole

  • don

    My xpresspost package from vancouver to edmonton was sent on to regina from edmonton. The first guy i spoke with said its on a truck coming back to edmonton. I later spoke to a young lady who suggested regina is the natural way to get from vancouver to edmonton, then asked if regina was a suburb of edmonton. She told me it is in edmonton and to disregard what it says on the trackng website. Finally spoke to a supervisor who admitted it had been in regina and that she had no idea where it was now.

  • canada post is making monsters out of their dissatisfied customers. I should know as I am becoming this myself from putting up with all their bullshit. I have seen it all an the past year with these dumb fucking idiots. FUCK YOU CANADA POST !!!!!!

    • Best Buy Sucks 123

      I know what you mean, I thought Canada post could be trusted and do the job right which is not that difficult. I have gotten screwed out of too many packages and have had too many fights with companies over not getting my product. I complained once to Canada Post and the date got changed for when I was to get my package. I have decided to no longer deal with companies who use Canada Post and have advised others to do so. We can put them out of business or send the message.

  • Canada Post is a Joke

    Ordered an item online. Delivery was attempted on Dec 8 and a delivery notice card was left at the door indicating the item could be picked up the next day after 1pm. Went to the post office to pick up the item and they didn’t have it there. They told me to call Canada Post and open up a ticket which I did. After tracking my package I then saw it move away from my location from Vancouver all the way to Calgary. Canada Post doesn’t know where my package is. This company is pathetic!

  • Fuck Canada Post

    Three times in a row I ordered something online only for it to say it was delivered when it never was. I was home two of those times and no one even knocked. Thanks Canada Post for wasting my hard earned money because your dishonest employees want to steal, i’ll be sure to never use your services again.

    • amandatea

      I ordered something from a book company. It might have weighed, at most, 20lbs. I waited around all day for it and of course, they show up 10 minutes after I leave for work (I work afternoon/evening). I of course got a slip – even though I put a label on it that they honored on the tracking site, which said “Leave at door.” Not only do they send it to a post office, but they send it to an office on the other side of town, when there’s an office across the street from my apartment. I call to complain and ask for it to be redelivered. Nope. Supervisor refuses to talk to me and refuses to let it be redelivered. I found out from this rep that even though they were supposed to actually leave it at the door, the carrier didn’t even bother trying to bring the parcel into the building. *seeing red about now* Supposedly the package was “too big” for them to carry up the elevator. Poor wittle pwincess. I guess they needed me to carry it up, myself. I apparently am out of luck and have to find some way to get to the far away post office or too bad for me. Best $120 I spent this year!

  • craig

    Same issue.. they claim delivery was attempted but no card was even left at the delivery location. So obviously the driver was just lying, but when I told customer service they just brushed it off. So I just continued to ask the same question, until they promised someone with authority would call tomorrow to make sure the item was delivered. I mean it was a delivery to a 24 hour business, so to even claim that a postal notice was left but a delivery wasn’t made is a got damn joke. I don’t understand how there is zero accountability for drivers or the customer service agents. I was even told by two different agents I could go pick up the package that I paid to have delivered 10 minutes from the delivery location so I could get it there myself. So I drove an hour to go pick the thing up and upon arrival I was told I need an id with the exact delivery adress.. I told them no one lives at the adress it’s a business but logic didn’t prevail. So after another hour plus of calling customer service I left without the package, and I can’t get it back till they return to sender. I’m at a loss for words really this entire situation is so retarded.. and there is no one to be held accountable and nothing anyone can do…lol this was a time sensitive delivery only an hour away and we’re going on 10 days with no sign of a resolution for at least 5 more days.. lol

  • tank2

    Same with me today. I waited all day. I left all the lights on, thinking that for sure.they’ll ring the bell. Nope. Just dropped off a card saying “no answer” and I was sitting 10 feet away from the door bell. There was no ring, no knock at the door, nothing. I shop on line a lot because I’m disabled. It is a huge deal for me to go out. I will no longer shop at any company that ships with Canada Post.

  • Canada post doesn’t even track inbound registered post anymore, or tell people if it has been delivered, such incompetence, should hire a better postal service from any third world nation such as Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India or Somalia etc etc… the list basically includes every other country in the world besides Canada, all other nations Postal service actually track such things. Canada Post only unapologeticly takes the money paid on each package for it, but will not do the job. Shameful.

  • I got the same problem.
    Waited here all fucking morning and all I found was the stupid fucking delivery notice.
    Some lazy cocksucker couldn’t deliver the small packet, it was at the post office at 3:30AM…Now I got to wait another fucking day to get it.

    Fucking lazy muslims that work there too fucking cheap to bring my fucking package.

  • Mac

    3 days to get to frigging Mississauga from Kentucky and 8 days from there to Calgary ?!
    My 4th complaint about the black hole of Mississauga and I’m only one of many Canadians who want to know why that processing plant is so fu9ked up all the time.

  • Rick Stafford

    You guys complaining about items you have to pick up have it easy. In the last 6 months i have had 2 packages picked up in Mississauga to be delivered to Chatham area but once they get to London Ontario they find their was to Vancouver.. And on package badly damaged because they like to throw them in baskets rather than place them.. Canada post is a joke and their managers high and low need to be fired

  • Bob Kilo

    No Canada Post loop called off save your money or called them in Ottawa next morning mad lady said on phone we don’t do theft okay then why yell at me fucking lie horrible out my mail please order resend back there to make me feel I have pay them I never trusted Canada Post loop 2017 2019 2021 ???🏦🏦🏦🏦🚚πŸšͺ Nanaimo BC Canada Post delivery biggest concern me what’s about delivery e-mail cow poo goofs πŸ€”