Pray for Same Sex

What in Gods great name is the deal with people and same sex marriage laws? Why is it such a big deal that a couple of people, who want to get married, of the same sex, canÂ’t do so?

I canÂ’t believe the religious pacts that are coming out of the woodwork to protest the possibility of modifying the marriage laws.

As some of you may or may not know a few months ago Ontario judges ruled that couples of the same sex could indeed get married. This caused a major outcry among those who are “right” in saying that marriage is the bond between a man and a woman, and only that. But, let’s step back a bit and look at what marriage really is. As I see it, marriage is a dedicated bond of love. Can you marry something else? Can you marry other people, inanimate objects? Can you marry your job? I think you can, maybe not legally but you can hook yourself up to it enough to constitute a phrase “married to his work.” What else can you marry? I think you should be able to marry anything that you love enough and has the ability to say yes to you. Even your dog if you so please. Mind you, there’s no government perks to marrying your dog, but at least you’ll get your leg humped. Actually, there’s no government perks anyways, but that’s another piece.

Historically marriage was an event of religion. And right so; I feel it should remain, in a way. There’s a clear line between state and religion. Any religious pact should, and will in my eyes, be able to deny services to a couple in which fail to meet their religious guidelines. Typically speaking though, they’ll marry any man and woman combo that wants to pay the fees. However, the state, the person at the license counter, the justice of the peace must not be able to deny this to any persons whom wish to bond themselves legally. It’s quite simple really. Two line ups: one for religious weddings and one for same sex. Watch and see what one becomes more popular in the future. Quite frankly, with the given results of most “religious” weddings, same sex ones could improve the divorce percentages. Of course, this also opens up the door for a whole new realm of stats, services and insanely crazy things that I’d rather not discuss because that’s the sort of thing that I shouldn’t care about.

I shouldnÂ’t care about it, because I wonÂ’t and I donÂ’t care about what other people do in their homes, with whomever or however they do it. ThatÂ’s why these religious folk should go back home to reading their book(s) and leave other people alone. ItÂ’s not their business. ItÂ’s not their right to deny others of alternate or non religion of something they so desire.

If God would like this law to remain in tact, as is, I open an invitation for him to come down and deny its progress. Just let me get my camera so I can get a few good pictures, then we can all go drink a lot of wine (he can make water into wine, right?) and forget about everything.

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