Well, today was my first seminar on Roman North Africa and the prof touched on some possible topics for our 2 hour seminar/paper. And, to my delight she mentioned something that I’d LOVE to do. Frontier and Society baby. Yes, this could be a godsend. She said to come see her in two weeks to work out details of the topic, but I’ll be stopping by tomorrow. 🙂 Hey, I even managed to score my preferred topic for the Constitution seminar. And, the Latin work did pay off. I pulled off an 83% on the 1st wee Latin assignment. It may be small, but it’s a step in the right direction. How do I celebrate this excitement? Same way I celebrate negative stuff. Sit here, do some how and have some drinks with me myself and I.

P.S. Classics grad folk are going to Snooty tomorrow night (thursday) around 9:30ish. Anyone interested? Let me know. P.S. – drivers wanted as on Friday I get my wisdom teeth out and I’d like a few drinks.

P.P.S. Apparently Classics faculty are known as some of the hardest drinkers on any campus (of the sitting and drinking type). Perhaps this is my calling afterall…