Well, here’s some stuff that I’ve surmised about the two weddings. First, there is no difference in terms of closeness to me for the two friends. I have seen Jamie way more in the last couple of years than Jeremy and so perhaps I should go see Jeremy. But, Jamie asked first, but then that may be due to the first thing.

Now, besides both people getting married on the same day, ironically enough, there are two other quirky similarities about the two, at least for me. First, there’s the names, then, there’s the fact that each person is the respective first person/friend that I made in the respective level of schooling. I remember when Jamie came into my grade 9 art class and sat down beside in homeroom on that first day…and I remember walking into my temporary residence and seeing Jeremy in there typing away. Coincidence? (like the 2 big blackouts – armageddon!) I think not.

Conclusion? Hope the two weddings are at different times during the day (with at least 5 hours in between) or go to 1 wedding and 1 reception. I just don’t think I could not go to either because it just wouldn’t be right. yeah.

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