Drunk Driver Zone

::THUMB:watchfordui.png:left:Watch out!::

When I see a sign like this I can’t help but to think of how much of a problem drinking and driving is in this area. They’re actually warning drivers to watch out for drunk ones. This is one sign, another sign said “DUI Enforcement Area”; Why don’t they just put one up that says “If you’re drunk, take another road”?

Now of course, the question I have is do these signs work? Well, statistically speaking I can say “yes!” because… well… If I was drunk and driving which I’d never do and I saw a sign that said enforcement, I’d be offroading it to find myself a new way. So naturally the cops wouldn’t bust me, thus the drunk driving charges decrease making it look like the problem is better… right?

Of course, these signs are in Pennsylvania and they’ve also got various drive throughs that would promote this kind of behaviour… but hey, I have to be fair, it’s not just PA that does this!

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