A Visit to Iraq

So Dubyah went to visit his troops in the I-land over the holidays. I’ve since heard many things on this from Canadians – mostly on the radio and in overheard conversations – and a great deal, of course, from the Canadian media.

It was too bold. It was too cowardly. It was just a publicity stunt. He should be more careful of his publicity. Well it can’t be all of them at once, now can it?

The man is stupid, okay? We all know that. But he isn’t evil. He isn’t even cunning. With all respect to his detractors, he does not have the intellect necessary to predict the effect this would have on his publicity, or to carefully craft a scheme by which he could benefit from such a “stunt”. He’s just a guy, with not much in the way of brain power, and a great deal of all other kinds of power, who truly believes that he’s doing the right thing, even when he’s quite wrong. In this case, he didn’t feel that the cost, the danger to his well being, or the political backlash could outweigh the benefits to the overseas warriors of a still highly patriotic nation of seeing their leader in person. I agree, actually. Those troops were raised in an atmosphere of reverence and respect for the office of president, and it has, no doubt, been reinforced since they entered their military careers. So he went. Which is more than almost anyone I know would have done in his place, because dammit, they simply don’t have the guts.

There are plenty of good reasons to dislike George W. Bush – at the very least, to wish he was not the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. But when you stop thinking and just hop on a mindless Dubyah-trashing bandwagon, y’all make *yourselves* look like the morons – not him.

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