I just had breakfast. Well, breakfast by hour, “3rd meal” by lifestyle. I got it from the lil’ place on the corner because I just didn’t feel like stuffing something in the toaster, or nuking something today. But all in all I’m kinda dissapointed.

This lil’ restaurant/diner thing is in probably it’s 10th incarnation since I’ve lived where I live. That’s a lot of turnover for a good location restaurant. But I think I figured out why.

The food was ok. Except for an item called “the Starvin’ Marvin'” I would’ve expected a bit more. My normal sized takeout platter still had whitespace. There wasn’t any super filler, just eggs, bacon, ham, sausage and homefries. none of which had any special attributes to make me go “mmm! damn these are good!” It was just food. What happened to the days when you could go into a ma ‘n pop diner and be guaranteed the food would be yummy? or at least, not plain? Oh well…

I’ll let you know about the chinese/vietnamese food place a block away when it reopens for the 14th time.

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