Olympic Glory!!!!

Well. I just couldn’t hold off any longer. I must congratulate all those Canadian medalists and athletes for their stellar performances so far. Namely…er…wasn’t there that guy? Er….hmmm…oh oh! THere was that fencer! Hmm….no…uh…our judo participating flag bearer…mmm…bounced. Well. We do have that ONE BRONZE in women’s synchro diving! That’s certainly something to be…well…proud for them I guess.

Really…this is absolutely pathetic. Mind you I predicted 3-5 medals to begin so it’s not a complete shock but still. While much of the lack of success is due to the relatively non-existant funding, there are still those medal ‘hopefuls’ who haven’t been able to perform when it counts. THen the media and Canadians proceed to call any placing between 4th and lower okay. Well, last time I checked there’s only ONE winner, the gold medalist. So, Canadians have to learn to perform to and above their ability (someting the country has a real problem with doing in general).

Also, we need to decide if they deserve more funding. That’s a question I’m not sure that I can answwer. Certainly there are several social programs that need funding before the athletes. But, with that said, when most of the team lives below or around the poverty line and yet you have other countries who have spent the money and don’t have a deteriorating economic and social situation as a result, I can’t help but wonder.

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