Busted Shizzle

Work Sucked

The highlight was the ride check on the way in. The cop was really cute (female!) and another co-worker agreed. actually, he was first to mention it.

After that there was some suspicious behaviour down by the river behind my work. So, the afternoons supervisor (who noted it earlier in the evening) decided to call the cops. Myself and the other guy were hoping for the cute cop. An ugly one showed up. The other guy bailed and we took the cop to where the people were, and another cop showed up. The Cute one. YEAH!

We busted some punks.. ok.. not really punks, but teenie girls camping by the river. Turns out one of them lives right in front of where I work, and a turf war is probably in the works between my place of employment and the house in front. Something about an ‘ease’ on the land, and the fact that the home owners actually own most of the land that our building is on… sounds like it could be funny. HahaHehe!

Rest of work sucked though.

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