With all of this philosophical talk of freedom of speech, terrorism, tactics of warfare, etc., I just wanted to mention something. In a general philosophical sense, all the questions thus far posed and all likely to ensue can be answered with a simple principle: *freedom of everything*.

The translation is simple, as a message to all humanity: leave me alone. Don’t theorize about what I can and can’t say (freedom of speech) or do, or about how right or wrong it would be to take away my right to live (terrorism, warfare, etc.). I will do as I wish, and so long as I don’t interfere with your life in the process, you needn’t ever consider the correctness of interfering with mine – because it would be incorrect, always and without fail. Leave me be, and I will do the same for you; back me into a corner with your stupid little wars and your stupid little taxes and your stupid little rules, and I’m likely to start shooting people.

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