Absolutely Shocking.

As if I didn’t yet realize that driving and commuting was taking years off my life: yet another study has come out that adds more fuel to my theory on my weight gain, stress, level, and all that.

“Canadian studies of urban air quality show that in heavy traffic, we can breathe in about 4 billion ultra fine pollution particles into our lungs with every single deep breath.

The particles seem to trigger inflammation in our lungs and the arteries, helping plaque to form which can then break off, leading to a heart attack.

“I believe people are not at all aware of what they are inhaling day by day and that the source of most of that pollution is traffic,” says Jeff Brooks of Environment Canada.

The study is not the first to warn of the health risks associated with commuting. A study of some 9,000 Americans in 38 suburban areas, released earlier this month, concluded that suburbanites who have to travel great distances to work are at greater risk of a variety of health problems — from arthritis to high blood pressure to obesity.

That study suggested suburbanites’ reliance on their cars led to a sedentary, and ultimately unhealthy lifestyle.”

Oh yeah. And how about those Red Sox! (Sorry Ako).

Updated: Thu 21 Oct @ 1:13 am

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