407 ETR ( Sucks the Donkey Balls )

Well, I’ve decided to categorize this rant in Scams n Spams, and that is because the 407 ETR company is scamming me. The problem stems from the fact I like to use highway 407 to save me time every day. They like my money, I like the time saving. It was a good relationship, until I tried to get a transponder!

The 407 ETR has a website which can be accessed here. Now, while on this website looking up the information on how to lease a transponder, I find an online form. “Cool!” I say to myself. I fill it out, and fire it off. This was last monday (November 2, 2004).

As of today, there had been no response yet. No transponder. No letters. Nothing! What happened I wondered?? Well, I called up their customer service to find out. At first, I was told it could take up to 7 business days. Well, today is the 7th business day. Where is it? Oh, your applciation was denied because you tried to subscribe as a business client. Nope, no I didn’t. Oh, your name was wrong. That’s why! My NAME was wrong??? Ah yes, you filled out Michael, and we have Kenneth M on here (my name being Kenneth Michael). Uh huh… and all the other info was right? My license plate? My account number? My address? Yes. So, just because I filled out Michael instead of Kenneth M or Kenneth Michael, I was denied? Yes.

“Let me speak to your supervisor.” Were my next words. Eventually, after 30 minutes… they said they could do nothing. I had to apply again, with the correct information no less. I demanded another supervisor… and I mean demanded. I wasn’t getting off that phone until I spoke to someone else. I then got some woman who basically rehashed the same things and said she was in a meeting and had to call me back. I’ve never spoke to a company so assinine. I wish there was something I could do! My only option is to get mad and bitch to the world

[edit] I forgot to add this means I need to fill another application out, wait another 7 days, and pay the 407 ETR another $100 in video toll charges. [/edit]

Updated: Tue 09 Nov @ 1:00 pm

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