Whatever Happened to Common Courtesy?

At risk of sounding like somebody’s grandmother, society’s going to hell in a hand bag. Okay, so no one’s grandma would actually say that, but my point remains the same.

Today was insane. We left my house for work (usually about a half-hour drive)at 9:00, got here about 10:15. We then spent the time until a little after noon trying to unstick our piece of crap car from the middle of the side street we normally park on. There were several people watching us do this, two of whom had snow blowers. After a little over an hour, a lady offered to loan us a shovel.

As Lincoln pointed out, for all the crap people spout about the politeness of Canadians, there sure is a hell of a lack of willingness to get one’s hands dirty. Somebody did finally come and help us but I’m pretty sure he was from Spain.

So what the fark is up with people, and why is society decaying at the rate that it is? I am not old by any standards, yet even I remember a time when seeing someone stuck in the road meant that you would help them…or in the very least, loan them your snow blower. If not for the kindly Spanish man, this morning would have marked the end in my faith in humanity.

I can imagine myself as an old woman telling kids: “In my day in age, if someone was stuck in the snow, a person would lend them a shovel after an hour,” It doesn’t seem right, somehow.

So yeah, that’s my rant about that. I haven’t been to the malls yet today, but I can pretty much guarentee that they will be full of angry, rude people, intend on being angry at and rude to me, utterly convinced that the presents they need to buy are infinitely more important than I am. I dunno what it is, but I’m not convinced that it couldn’t be cured with an aluminum baseball bat.

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