The 407 Sucks and CKPC does Not!

Mike said it before, I’m saying it now. The 407 ETR Sucks.

I just got the bill from a trip I made on Nov 17th when I had my interview. One trip and the bill is $17.49!

Of course, it’s because they’re asses and charge $3.35 each way, just to go on it if you don’t have a registered transponder. I haven’t used it in ages and I knew the prices had gone up, but that’s brutal. I think the usage of it saved me about 20 minutes of travel, so uh, that’s a one timer bitches. I’m never using that road again… unless I get a job that makes my 20 minutes worth it.

I almost forgot, I won a prize on CKPC again. This time it’s a cd. and it was easy. it was “Wrong answer trivia”… a fill in the blank type thing with cliche phrases… that you have to fill in wrong.

Radio: “On new years people often make… “

Me: “chocolate covered rum balls.”

Radio: “Chocolate covered rum balls, alright! People often resolve to quit… ”
Me: “Smoking Crack.”

Radio: “hey hey… keep it clean this is a family show… people will deside to lose…”

Me: “Baba Booey” (he’s the producer of Howard Stern)

Radio: “Ok… uh… In one ear and out the… remember to keep it clean please…”
Me: “Exhaust!”

Radio: “Alright! haha.. please stay on the line!” (cue music, off air) “The boss is gonna kick my ass for letting you say smoke crack! there are kids listening!”

Me: “bah! the kids listen to AM!”

Radio: “Some listen here too! Thanks for playing, stop by and pickup your prize at the studio.”

Updated: Fri 07 Jan @ 11:23 am

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