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I was browsing for a way to convert IncrediMail (the second worst email client ever) to Mozilla or Thunderbird. Turns out it’s a long and stupid process. While looking I found this example how innefficient “pretty” email is. It made me laugh.

I liked what I saw, so I browsed some more and found a good long rant on why windows is insecure. It made me chuckle too. Many of you probably won’t understand. Some of it has holes. For example windows in a network environment can be much more secure than he makes it. But it’s mostly true. Very very true as to how insecure it is.

I’ve been “refreshing” myself on programming. And if anybody wants to bankroll me, I’ll develop some cross platform solutions to help get away from the evil demon of Microsoft. Of course, most software you’d ever need already exists. For Free.

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