Again with Bell Canada….I loathe thee….

I haven’t freaked about Bell in a long time, so I’m overdue. Let the ranting go forth and conquer.

My house in Paris has an alley way beside it with a neighbour on the other side of it. This isn’t an alley like out of Batman where you are dark and scared and dirty, it’s just a baby street! 😉 Behind my house is a little Bell Canada depot or something, with a small supply building a lot where they part a couple work vans at night. Yes, hard to imagine of all the places we moved, it had to be right behind my arch enemies not so secret lair.

In the summer a large, and I mean large almost transport sized truck carrying the enemies supplies comes down our baby street, parks in the Bell parking lot and then decided it would be a swell idea to back out of the alley onto the street the way it came. This is perhaps a good idea if you don’t live on a HILL! If you have a large truck and you back down a hill it stands to reason that perhaps,..ohh I don’t know that the truck bottom is going to go right into the cement main road and you won’t be able to get out. Some moron backs his truck down the alley, blocking my driveway, and the enterance and the main street with the ass of his truck smashed into the pavement of the road. Smooth move. He revs the thing trying to get forward but naturally that wouldn’t work other then shaking my house made of paper to death. It took four hours to move the stupid thing, guys actually came with lumber. HAHHAHA yes I live in the sticks…giant pieces of lumber, to use as leverage. Gee a piece of a tree vs big ass loaded down truck, wonder who’s gonna win. I don’t know how he got out of there I stopped watching after a while but it sure as hell wasn’t wood, I believe it was like a tow truck or something whatever, anyhow point is, you’d think they would go ” hey bubba maybe we shouldn’t try to go down that lane we don’t fit in”.

WRONG! Next problem…

My phone wire…my phone wire is literally going from a pole thirty to fourty feet away at least, through a tree on the Bell Lot property, over the top of my shed, crossing over my clothes line, to the complete OTHER end of my house. Everytime a squirrel runs by I lose my phone, I called about this can you please do something ” No, that is how it is wired, that’s how it stays”

Few days later the limbs of this said tree are hanging all over the hell place again effin up my line. I call to ask if someone will ever come and trim the stupid half dead thing so that I don’t have to worry about it. ” No, we used to have tree trimming services come twice yearly, but we don’t do that anymore, it’s no longer our problem.” Um hello, your property, your problem. I lost again.

One month ago, Im doing dishes (yes only once a month – ha ) and I hear a smash and then look up and see a line and a piece of my house hanging from down across the window. Great. Look out the back door…guess who’s back, the big truck. This time they have used that beast to rip out my low hanging phone wire from it’s obviously well thought out place between the pole and tree. The guy gets outta the truck and stands around looking and then trying to see if anyone has noticed. I go out and stand on the porch and make sure they see me and know I’m home and saw it. The guy must have called someone cause some other little van came and some officialish looking guy came to speak to me. He says to me ” Did you call Bell to ask them to come out and fix it?”

” Um let me get this straight, that truck just knocked out my phone service and Im going to call Bell? Interesting. No I think your going to have to do that for me.” ” Oh yeah I guess that makes sense, sorry ma’am I’ll see what I can do” ” No, don’t see what you can do, do it cause I can’t be here with two babies and no phone all day till someone can be bothered getting over here” I was just a little annoyed. I call Bell to beak, hahahah again they say ” Sorry ma’am that isn’t our problem you’ll have to speak with the people who deliver the items. The company isn’t ours they just supply us” Fine. I called the company cause I had like some insane mission at that point the response ” I’ll see what I can do but Bell won’t give us a key and the code for the front door so we can’t use it for the deliveries.”


So anyhow it happened again today. Truck came, knocked out phone line. I want to launch some kind of DIE BELL DIE protest. I ask you, if nothing is Bell’s problem, then what exactly is. When do they actually have to take some responsibility and DO something? Beyond annoying..Okay I don’t feel better, in fact now I’m just a little ball of pissed off…OH and I’m also find people’s horrible spelling skills annoying.

I saw someones picture album the other day and they had written on the album what the picture was. This woman is like fourty something and she spells absolutely terribly. How do people that spell so poorly graduate? I’m not saying that I’m some spelling and grammer expert but come on, I think the words “ocean”, “Picture” “pyramid” for sake of some examples are tricky. I don’t know I’ve been seeing it a lot lately, people and their terrible spelling. I want to correct them all but then I feel like I’m being mean. HA and the funny things is that my father told me not to say a certain word, because it was incorrect and it would make me seem ignorant, meanwhile his girlfriend can’t spell Ocean! Ha that’s funny..okay I’m done. Not spelling checking in homage to all you shitty spellers out there.

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