Once upon a time, there was a really really good Jon Anderson album named “Animation”. For those of you may not already know, Jon Anderson is the singer from Yes. He’s good. Damn good. On a dark and stormy night, yours truly was looking for a copy on CD. I found one, on Ebay. Too good to be true? Perhaps; never seen one before, can’t get it on Amazon or anything like that. But the seller was in the UK; maybe it just never made it as far as North America. So I bought two – one for me and one as a gift. When they came, it took me seconds to know they were fakes. Pixellated logos on the disc, vinyl pops here and there during playback, cover and insert obviously condensed from scan of LP. I contacted Atlantic records, and they told me they had nothing to do with Jon Anderson anymore, so I knew I was right. Went to leave negative feedback for the seller, but lo and behold, he had been un-registered. Weird. Read through his feedback and found someone else (only one person out of tens, ’cause people are dumb and can’t spot fake stuff) who complained of this problem. Contacted other buyer. Other buyer informed me legal representative of Jon Anderson contacted him after purchase and together they filed claim against seller. Linky says “dammit, can’t even leave negative feedback.” On a hunch, I did a search, and someone else was doing the same thing, with the same genre of music and everything – even selling many of the same albums. I checked into their feedback and found they had none; they were brand new. Wait a minute…

So I made a fake Ebay ID and used it to ask him a question. Tricked him into sending me material that proved he was the same guy. Reported this to Ebay. He is now disconnected, and his thriving business shut down. Die, motherfucker, die.

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