International Clean Your Windows Day!

International Clean Your Windows® Day

… clean the the ones on your house if you want.

The day, April 22, 2005 is dedicated to cleaning up Windows exploits
and viruses around the world.

On this day we wish for all users of the Windows operating system to
run free tools to help slow and potentially stop the spread of
known and even new viruses and exploits.

Free tools include Ad-Aware from LavaSoft (free for
personal use) to detect and remove most spy,
ad and malware on your system and AntiVir by H+BEDV (free for
personal use) to install locally and prevent future viral infections.

Other free online tools may be used such as Trend Micro’s House Call, Panda Software’s ActiveScan, Symantecs Security Check, or McAffe’s Computer Virus and Security Scan to scan for
virus infections and other malware.

Why? It has been brought to my attention many times over and at a
more serious level recently, that there
is a serious problem with
and exploited computers throughout the
world. This is a known issue, and it’s actually quite easy to keep it
under control. All it takes is a massive sweep of as many computers as
possible. This is where this day comes in. A sweep of the world’s

Please spread word of this day by posting on your blog, homepage,
news site, or even print it out and post it at work on a real bulletin
board. Word of mouth is powerful, so do your part.

* Feel free to run these tools as often as you want, whenever you
want. This day is about awareness. Spread the word.

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