The Cab Ride

I worked late tonight, and they offered in their mighty wisdom to just pay my ride home. I accepted, not like I had anything else to do really and a 13 hour day has never really killed me before.

I jumped in the cab and asked the driver if he liked long drives. He said “Sure! Where to?”

I told him Brantford, and all knowing he said “Ah, just 401 to 410 and we’re there…” Then I informed him that that was Brampton and not Brantford.

He started out ok, with some chatter – about advertising and html and java applets – then he worried me when he said “I hope there’s a tim hortons in Brantford.” I informed him of the 18 or so (I really lost count) And he was ok for a while. Until the meter hit about $60 near Oakville. He appeared to be falling a sleep, and I envisioned the car careening into a median and blowing up in a glorious way, but it didn’t happen.

As the meter rolled $110 through Hamilton, there was a huge accident on the other side of the road. I hope he makes it back through without too much of a delay. I led him on the right path into the hell hole of branthole, and made it home.

And work paid the $180.50 (tip included) fare. Which, blew away my initial $120 estimate.

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