Race Riots

Just a quick socio-politico post from sunny…er. No. It’s cloudy. England that is. Not raining though! And not -18 with the windchill. I can handle winter highs of 7-9 degrees.

So, since I’ve moved to the Uk there have been no less than 3 race/riot situations in what I’m going to call the western world. Shortly after I arrived here, there were some problems in Birmingham and they had to call in hundreds of extra officers and impose curfews for a few weekends. Then Paris descended into madness for quite a while, as you’re well aware (okay…riots, insurgents…whatever). Now, in multicultural Sydney the shit has hit the fan. Extra police called in and talks of new penalties for rioters. So…uh…what’s up? Is Canada next? Certainly there’s racism in Canada, right? I know there is. But why no race riots? What’s wrong, or what’s right? Is it only a matter of time? Why is it than when the Economist ran an article on the difference between the race situation in Europe/France and the US in light of the problems in Paris, was Canada not considered as possible model for other countries to aspire to? Oh…right. Because the only people who know that Canada exists are Canadians. It’s quite remarkable how unnoticed Canada is in the world. But that’s another issue.

Back to issue 1 though: what’s up with the race riots? What does that tell you about how much our world has changed and how accepting we’ve become?

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