Teacher Injured While Teaching How To Be Stupid.

Good times on the picket lines.

Apparently a teacher found it smart to climb up upon a car trying to cross a picket line, and ended up falling down kaboom.

The driver was apparently trying to get his kid to the daycare, which really has nothing to do with the teachers being on strike for more money _and_ more staff.

Here’s a clue: unions suck and it’s things like this that make them look even worse.

Of course, everybody on the union side will fail to see how stupid it was to climb upon the car in the first place, all calling it “horrible!” and “tragic!” But seriously, is your life worth a cause that’s already insanely idiotic?

There’s one thing I know, and it’s never piss off someone with a bigger weapon (in this case, a car). I hope he lives, just so he knows how dumb he was.


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