Under Shariah law, apparently, a person who departs the world of Islam in favour of another religion must be condemned to death.

‘”Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die,” said cleric Abdul Raoulf, who is considered a moderate and was jailed three times for opposing the Taliban before the hard-line regime was ousted in 2001.’

The above is a quote from here: . The article is in regard to one Abdul Rahman, who apparently became a Christian some time ago, and is now standing trial for it.

I want to be tolerant. So deeply, I desire to cast a favourable eye on all cultures. To give people in general the benefit of the doubt. But this is too much. If I had a god to pray to, I would pray that it’s all just spin. The Media Man, trying to put craziness into all our heads. Part of some secret Western plot to spark a rebellion against a peaceful people. Something to do with oil. Muslims don’t really believe that. Shariah law doesn’t really say that. Right? Islam is a religion of peace and beauty and tolerance, like those Western clerics always say, right? If there are Muslims reading this, please speak up. Tell me it’s not true. Because there really are sick ideas out there, and there really are sick people, who put the most potent will of faith behind them, consciously, knowingly, with their eyes open. And if you are one of those people, culturally intolerant or not… you deserve to die.

  • Islam is a curse on humanity……

    • Stupid

      Islam is simply crap. The fundamentals are plagerized from earlier theologies and distorted into violence and anger. Mohammed was no more then a desert tribal chieftain intent on scaring other desert chieftains to place them under his suxerinty. The entire Islamic creed is dog shit

  • Jo

    Muslims are worse than nazis.
    The raped ,tortured , killed , kidnapped,commited genocide for more than 1400 years.And ,as opposed to crimes commited by christians ,all these horros are fully in line with their awful cult.
    They mimic the deeds of their funder , muhammad ,who was a pedophile , a rapist , a liar , a torturer , a murderer (including asking the death of his own family for not worshipping him and his newly invented god).
    Islam ask to kill all non muslims or put them into sub-human status (dhimmi).
    It legalize slavery and even have a code for that (the words in arabs for slaves are the same as for black people….)
    Women are treated like cattle.
    Jews are to be slaughtered.
    Non-believers can be treated in any cruel way this crazy guys want ,its not legal in islam : its a duty.You start to understand ?
    You can lie ,make false oath to non muslims if it allows you to infiltrate their societies to destroy them from within.
    Any muslim cannot be friend or love a kouffar ( name for non muslims ,meaning ,simultaneous ly non-bielever and garbage…) because they are harma (cursed ,not pure , crap ).
    Earth has to be conquered by islam so that they can impose caliphate and sharia law on all beings ,wether they want or not.
    Islam means submission , in the context of a enslaving culture , so ISlam means slavery : muslims slaves to god , non muslims slaves to muslims , women slaves to men.
    Islam is the most vile , menacing ,violent ,barbaric , cruel thing ever conceived.
    If you read about the crimes of the nazis ,then of the muslims ,you…will think the nazis are 100 times more human than these fool beasts.
    Reaad the quran , keeping in mind that if a sourate is in opposition with another , the latest prevails .According to that rule ,all tolerant ones are nulls because they are corrected by later ones , and the later ones all ask for violence ,rape , murder and genocide.

    Islam must die.Muslims must be driven back to their desertic homelands , and the ones who reist must be eliminated.

    I am an agnostic.I think that freedom and tolerance are important.But you cannot be tolerant of that.
    You cannot make peace with people who think peace is only to be done when they lose their everlasting war on mankind ,and only up to 10 years ,time to gather more troops and forces.

    Muslims must disappear ,or all mankind but them will.
    Yo don’t agree ? read the quaran , look at what muslims do once they have the numbers in a countries.
    Yeah.They are monsters ,no less.
    I am not surprised christians refer to them as satanists ,and muhammad as the Beast ,because if god exist ,it is certain that muslims are his most devoted enemies.

    Some examples :
    Saudi arabia : 200 schoolgirls are burened alive.The were locked in the buring school because they were not wearing the islamic veil.
    Afganistan : 90 schoolgirls are poisonned by combat gas …because they go to school
    Europe : People darwing muhammad or denouncing islam are murdered or threatened
    India : Muslims attack and rape indians on daily basis ,and cry they are victims when buddhists fight back
    Look ,everywhere in the world , muslmis are filth , monsters , barbarics.
    They are the shame of huamnity ,and like nazis ,must be eliminated ,for the good of all.For our children.For our future.

    I know ,you will say “muslims are not like you say , i knwo some very good people who are muslims and they dont do all that”
    They dont do all that because they are a minority among infidels.According to quran ,they must presen a friendly face ,and make as many children as possible ,bring as many relatives as they can ,until they have the numbers.Then ,at that point ,they strike.
    They pretend to be your firend.Friendship with infidels is TOTALLY FORBBIDEN by quran ,its one of the worst sin for them.
    They are just deceiveing you.And once they have your trust ,they will stab you ,or reduce you to slavery.They will rape women ,to kill all other people and spread arabic blood.
    They are your enemies ,they dont even hide it.
    Why cant you understand ,are you so stupid ?
    Yes ,if you dont understand ,dont read the quran ,dont look at their deeds ,you are no better than the guys who helped and submitted to nazis .
    In fact ,since muslims are worse than nazis ,you are worse than collaborators.

    • 100 % I agree. Islam is evil. All Muslims are time bombs. They are waiting to strike once they are majority and powerful in a certain country. Their aim is world domination, for that purpose their satanic Auean allows them to marry as many dives as they can and have too many children. That is how they out number you. Islam is growing fast because of unlimited number of children a Muslim can have from multiple wives. Fuck Islam

      • Nally

        Mormons can have 4 wives and as many children as they please, so oops.
        Other religions including Judaism, Hindu, and even other sects of Christianity have allowed polygamy. (
        Anyone who gains power in a certain country wants to dominate it.Putin is a white man, (dont know his religion but i can assure you he’s not Muslim), and he is/was doing everything in his power to continue his dominance over his country. Hitler gained power over his counrty and dominated it.
        Just because someone is a Muslim doesnt mean they show specific characteristics of a terroist or “time bombs” with a shitload of wives and kids.
        People are people who tend to display similar desires. And some people-of all religions-can have the same view.
        Dominance. Hitler, Putin and Stalin all wanted power that eventually led to dominace of their country, that yes, led to disaster, but the point is that: just because someone is a Muslim doesnt mean they are a completly different species, they mean they have a similar mind to all the other fucked up people in this world from country leaders, to rapists (dominance over a body), killers (dominance over life) and theives (dominance over objects.)
        Bottom line, everyone wants to dominate soemthing, regardless of religion or culture, and especially regardless to that pity point on the amount of wives and children Muslim men can have.

  • chloé

    I so agree with you!!

  • chloé

    I’ m from France and have fled to at least three different countries since I am 18.
    By the way I’m a woman.

    First in Ireland, where I learnt what it felt like to go out with your girlfriends and enjoy a drink just because… and not feeling scared of being raped every two seconds.

    Since I am allowed to go on my own in the city that is to say 12 years I have been attacked countless number of times physically, verbally, and you have no idea the damages it causes to your own confidence when you become an adult.

  • chloé

    Then I fled to Spain cause to be honest I wasn’t really fond of the irish weather. A revelation!!

    People stand up for you in that country when you are being attacked because they opened their gate only recently to immigration, so of course less criminality, well I should say less islamic criminality!

    You are allowed to be a woman, to feel confident to be a woman and to look around without fearing to be punched in the face, or to laugh with a friend.

    Yes because you see a woman who laughs in the street without the presence of another man is just absolutely outrageous to those poor little victims that are the muslims that i strongly offended by just being myself.

    No, to be fair, there is no future for me left in France whatsoever, but I’m starting to beleive that soon there won’t be a place for me where I’ll really be safe.

    Sorry, but really needed to spit that out.

  • Chloe … why did you flee from France?????? Most French women feel very safe. Why did you feel unsafe there?

  • Islam is horseshit. Get your head out of you ass!,,,,

  • Islam is the best religion in the world. You guys are corrupting yourselves because you won’t accept it. I was a devout Christian until I learnt about Islam. It makes so much sense.

    • No Quarter

      Well I am glad you saw the light of islam steven, you are retarded.

  • Christian

    Islam is crap and Muslims are simply deluded shitheads.

    • Christian

      I could use all the fornicating maledictions we all know to describe Islam. But to no purpose. Islam is a plagiarized and nonsensical presentation of the ravings of a madman. It belongs nowhere xxx nowhere on this earth.
      Do whatever is necessary to eliminate it

  • Christian

    Islam is nothing more then the ravings of a pedophilic, raping, murdering, insane ass. His only goal was to terrify the more stupid desert chieftain asses into cowtowing to him. It would be best for humanity if it disappeared tomorrow. Do what you must to make it disappear into the ash bin of false doctrine and history.

  • Christian

    Islam is horseshit and any thoughtful individual should recognize it as such. The basis of t he theology is stolen from earlier theologies and the internal terrorism is based on psychotic individual ego. Islam belongs in the world-wide cesspool.

  • Musslayer

    There is nothing but realism in the statement that ” Islam is Evil Crap.” As a Theology it is neither original nor cohesive. It is plagiarized from Judasim and Christianity and most often wrong. It is, in all dimensions, the ravings of a pedophiliac, murdering, psychotic madman designed to force other desert chieftains under his submission. It has no place in the 21st Century and should be totally eliminated from the Earth. To think otherwise, given the facts is delusional.
    Islam belongs in the cesspool of reality and history.

  • Steve

    Jesus said ” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. NO MAN COMES UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY ME” … notice that he did not mention Mohammed or Allah. All Muslims who do not accept Jesus as their Lord, will not see heaven.

  • Gordon Jenkins

    Islam ich hundescheiße