Goodbye Childhood, Hello Brain Washing

My youngest brother went to Arby’s the other day and had a kids’ meal. This in itself is not particularly newsworthy. He’s ten, so toys aren’t the be-all and end-all of kids’ meals, which is good. This would upset a younger child, I’m sure. His “toy” wasn’t a toy, but was in fact, Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul 2 Story and Activity Book. A simple “what the hell is this?” was my brother’s response.
The book (of no use to my brother whatsoever) remained in my mother’s car until I dug it out to share around the office for laughs. Here is a brief overview that I pulled off their website:
Most people would agree that a kid who makes healthy life choices has a happier, better childhood. And, who wouldn’t want their child to have a great time reading while learning a good life lesson from real kids their own age? That’s exactly what Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul2 was created to do. Whether reading the stories alone, or having the stories read aloud to them, kids are sure to gain wisdom from this book which is filled with true-life stories for children ages 6 – 10: a book that teaches, but does not preach, by using examples of positive character traits such as. . .
· choosing to do the right thing when faced with a decision
· making friends by being a friend
· accepting and enjoying other’s differences
· being brave when faced with a challenge
· staying true to themselves
· appreciating change as part of life
Making the effort to teach kids how to become the kind of people that others trust and respect can be one of the best gifts we could give to them. So, share the stories you are holding in your hand with a kid and give them a gift that will truly last a lifetime.

In general, if those Chicken Soup books really do make people feel good, then I see no real issue with them… but this crazy socialist, feel-good Mickey Mouse nonsense ought not to be inflicted on anyone under the age of majority, and it certainly shouldn’t replace the always-anticipated kids’ meal toy. Seriously, some poor little kid waits patiently to open her toy until after finishing her meal, and then she gets this? It’s just not right.

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