Rogers (Yahoo!) New Webmail

I was checking my Rogers email account today, it’s something I do once every couple of months. Usually I just see what rogers is spamming me with, or if they have anything to complain to me about.

Today though, it asked me “Do you want to try the new beta?” It explained a little bit of fluff and I said sure!

It then threw a warning at me about an unsupported operating system, go figure. It actually let me continue on though regardless of this.

::THUMB:rogers-email-main-screen.png:left:rogers main screen::

My first impression was “wow.” This thing is like a real email client. It even behaves as one for the most part.

There are hotkeys, tabs, and rss support, spam filtering and more. The RSS support is directly integrated with the whole Rogers Yahoo! system so I already had a few in there from when I added them to my main rogers ‘start page’ (again something I never acutally use). It shows a calendar and a notepad too, but those are just links to the other services that Rogers Yahoo! provides and are not actually part of this email system.

Tabs for open email
Tabs for open emails
hotkeys 1
hotkeys 2
More Hotkeys
hotkeys 2
Compose Window

Overall it looks pretty decent for a website application. It’s just another sign of many more things to come. Every day something else comes out and the insanity rolls on.

I still won’t use it for my primary mail though.

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