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I’ve always thought, wouldn’t it be neat if I could use the same settings, bookmarks, cookies, etc from one computer to another – and by another I don’t mean one on my network I mean one at say, work.

That’d be handy.

Then Google thought so too.

They created an extention for Firefox, naturally, being Google, it’s fairly expiremental and the page warns you a bit about it. But, being me, I installed it.

It’s pretty straight forward.

The page here for tells you how to install it, but I figured I’d just do a quick walk through.

The first page gives you a nice warning. It’s self explanitory — if you do not use a computer that is your own, or under your own protected password do not use this extention. If multiple poeple use that particular login on your computer they will all get access to all saved elements.

The first official step is to simply provide it your google account login and password. If you have an account on any google services, you’ve got a google login. Use it here.

On the second step a red flag went up… “awooga!” saving my passwords? Wait a second. That scares me. But then, the little popup (Learn More) provides me with a bit more clarity. As long as it is encrypted (using what type, is unknown yet, but I hope for google’s sake it is a very strong encryption.

Next, a pin. The longer the better, the more obscure the better, but remember to use something you can actually remember because you’ll have to enter it on any other computers that you wish to use this sync tool on. Use something crazy and long like “c0k31zadd!ct1v3!!!” and you’re data should be pretty safe. Of course, don’t use that for your pin.

The final step is pretty self explanitory.

As is the success message.

The first run message tells you all is well. The message above shows you your profile name, and if you click it you are easily presented with a few settings. The initial sync up was fairly slow though. I did it from my primary computer which has lots of stuff — so I guess that’s to be expected. Their page itself has a warning of this slowness too. It’s something they plan on working on — which is good.

Overall, it sounds great. Now that I’m all synced up here, I’ll install it at work tomorrow and see how well it behaves.

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