Yep Yep Yep…

So, uh, Yeah.

The biggest ‘suck’ of having so many websites is that when something terrible goes down it takes forever to restore stuff. I’m still uploading the gallery, so it might be up later today, who knows. I certainly didn’t want to upload stuff for 5 days straight, so I had a small break tuesday. But, damn, rogers sucks for uploading :\\

The Government sucks. I wanted to drive the neon into the ground, but I’m being forced to fix it up due to “drive clean” bullshit. So now the thing had better last for another year.

On a brighter side, I’ve taken lots of fun pictures and you should look at them on my exciting PhotoBLOG. Right?

On an even brighter side I get free lunch on friday from an ex client (at work, not personal) and that should be fun and delicious.

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