Above and Beyond

So there I was last weekend on my way to the third call I had (call being a job….we have interesting lingo). I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing on account of it was a show for Mediaco (great company to work for) and I would be working with a good friend…oh, and I would be a video assist rather than just general labour. The downside was that the biggest B in the business would be working as well but I reasoned that it would be okay as I could ignore her and any nasty comments she made could easily be deflected by snide remarks and the fact that just looking at her makes you laugh.
I was also to be on the show call the next day as a video op and after finding out what the show was it became apparent that it would be a rather dull day. I knew that Dalton McGuinty was speaking and that was it. Turns out that it was the Shared Air Summit and a lot of really cool people showed up, David Suzuki being one of them. The real icing on the cake came when I was opping the lunch room and Roberta Bondar came in. She was going to be speaking! It was cool enough just meeting her but after hearing her speak I was awed. The woman is amazing and such a phenomenal speaker. I was so amazed for the rest of the day and riding such a large high that when the big B came back nothing she said or did could bring me down.

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