This is London

I haven’t left a post here in a while, let alone one about music, so I felt that the time was right. And, some of you may be surprised by the sort of song that I’m going to commend, but, I think that the song itself also adequately reflects the ‘new direction’ that my musical tastes are moving, my favourite city, and to a certain degree, my take on this whole English experience.

There is this fairly new (? I think?) British rapper (English most likely) named Akala who released an album a few months ago. I just downloaded a copy and I want to highlight one song in particular, “This is London”. Now, the next sentence (or two) is probably going to sound like it comes right from the mouth of Captain Obvious, but so be it. One thing that rappers like to do is take a sample from some earlier song and use it in a new way; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Akala has done that in this song and here, “gasp”, I think it works. Akala has taken the Clash classic “London Calling” and added his own shizznit to it. The lyrics perhaps are a little less than positive about London, but no less interesting. So, if you can handle hip-hop, and Brit-style at that, give it a listen. Heck, if you like London, or the Clash, give it a listen. That’s “This is London” by Akala. Peace.

Oh…and Darryl, bring one the pictures of the ladies…er…the French Riviera!

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