The Ghost Walk

In the city of York there are things known as Ghost Walks. And really, they’re quite amusing. I went on one this time around – and why not, I’m a tourist I might as well do something touristy.

It was cheap, and a good way to waste a couple of hours. It was also a new way of seeing a few other things around the city. Some places I had not actually been yet, so it was a bonus.

Some of the stories were pretty gruesome, and that’s to be expected with an ancient history like York’s. There was one about how the Vikings used to kill the Christians and how the Christians retaliated. There were some about the Roman army, and some about how lots of children were killed.

The fun thing about the “ghost walk” is whether or not you can really believe any of the stories. It’s one of those things where it’s entirely up to you as to how far you want to take it. Some were fairly convincing, but some where a little too far fetched.

He even went as far to tell us our Hotel was haunted… ohhh scary.

The only ghost I saw was the ghost of my empty pint.

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