Where Is Whigfield?

After bringing us forth a smash hit known as “Saturday Night” in the early times known as 1994, where has Whigfield gone?

Has the one time Danish superstar since vanished from the face of the earth? As a truly in depth fan that I am, I will seek out the information required to alleviate any misconceptions that may have developed over those missing 6 years.

As things would have it Whigfield wasn’t as big in the USA as she was here in Canada. I mean given the fact that her songs were found on almost every dance compilation album made from 1995 to 1998, it’s a wonder why she’s vanished in such a fashion.

Here are some interesting facts that prove Whigfield is still around, for the most part anyways. As she tours around the world avoiding the corporate mega-hell known as North America, she’s done some amazing things elsewhere. Her first album (entitled Whigfield) went gold in Canada, the Philippines and India. Now that is magic. Even better yet, it went triple platinum in South Africa. So the evidence is clear that she left a huge mark with her first album.

What really happened to her though? With a complete and utter lack of information available on this stupid “super highway” I’m getting confused. Apparently after the success of “Saturday Night”, her brother whom she had worked with in a jazz-based duo, well, he disowned her. “You’re successful, fuck-off” That’s the image I get. Although, I have no right to say exactly what happened, it was long ago and I’m only going with the little info I have to feed my brain.

Given her disownment, and the death of the duo known as “The Whigfield Project”, she was invited to the BBC show “Top of the Pops”, which in turn was a complete flop due to her choice of clothing. Hello, fools, she’s Danish. They’re allowed to look strange. 🙂

With 3 top 10 singles under he belt, her career was beginning to fade…

What about new albums you ask? Well, yeah, she’s had those too. In fact while livin’ it up around the world this miraculous superstar released another album in 1998. Creatively titled “Whigfield 2”, her single “No More Tears”, almost made it to the charts. But, not quite. However, it did manage to hit Triple Platinum once again in South Africa. Good job Whigfield. Although they must’ve been giving them out for free since it made no impact anywhere else.

It looks as though our favorite party girl is fading like the sunset.

But Wait!

On July 31, 2000 her third album, Guess the title? Yep! “Whigfield 3” was released in Germany! This is truly a moment of bliss for all Whigfield fans around the world. Just when you thought she was fading. Her latest single called “Doo-Whop” which talks about making love, and all that fun stuff. You may have even heard it on a local station, but I doubt it.

After hardcore searching, with no remorse this girl’s album can only be found at a few UK and very few North American stores – of course all those are flagged as ‘imports’ so they charge twice as much too.

So? Where is Whigfield? She’s there. Although I can’t say how she feels, maybe I can interview her? Hehe… You can buy the single at Chapters, or the “import” album at HMV for a nicely overpriced amount. She’s one of those artists (who can actually sing) who have been screwed by her wanting to be different, and original. Bah, c’est la vie. I still love you Whiggy!

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