More Movies

So I just saw yet another movie; the second since I’ve been back in the UK! That makes for 12 films – skipping the 5-10 that I’ve seen at a house on DVD or on TV – in the past month. After a serious dearth in film viewing I’ve kicked it into overdrive. With a reasonably good ‘film festival’ experience now under my belt I can only say that I’m hooked. So, perhaps my new life plan should be to come independently wealthy and to travel the world attending film festivals. There are so many films out there I…I…I’m breathless. Love ’em. Absolutely. I’ve decided to self-proclaim myself a hardcore film fan.

So, the two films that I’ve seen since the last post are “Flags of Our Fathers”, which is a good, but wholly unoriginal, war movie that features good cinematography and acting, but a story about a battle that has been done over and over. The film just goes to show that describing battle is conditioned by one’s culture. The other one is “Stranger Than Fiction” and because I like that kinda stuff, I’ll say that it’s probably the best of the 12-movie extravaganza that I’ve seen. And I’ve been high on most of them so… I’d recommend it. Anyway, my bus should be almost here so it’s time to sign off and continue my fantasizing about the next film, Byzantine histriography, and war…

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