When it rains…

So…not 3 weeks ago I was convinced that no one respected my work and stuff (except for me – defiant to the end – and my supervisor) and that it was going to be a long road to employment when this is done next September (2008). Now, I’ve just been asked to contribute a paper to a forthcoming publication from a conference I attended (but didn’t speak at). So, a publication already in the works, a book review to come (if the book ever makes it way here that is), and now another publication to do, plus my own conference (and a couple of conference papers) and suddenly my chances of being employable are increasing substantially. Networking combined with workaholicism seems to be working. I’m downright flabbergasted. I better be careful that my ego doesn’t swell up too much. Of course, I have to do a good job with the review and new article and conference, but I know I can. Yeah.

In totally unrelated news, has anyone heard of A Northern Chorus before? I hadn’t, even though they’re from the Hammer. Well, I have now and have a copy of their new album and damn I like it. Very mellow. Perhaps none of you will. Anyway. Peace out.

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