A Week With a Mac

I decided a while ago (probably November or December) that my next laptop would be a Mac. I also decided that because I’ve had my current laptop for two years, and at the time of purchase it was the cheapest one future shop had, I would not go cheap this time. Of course, my next laptop purchase wasn’t planned until about now so I had lots of time to double think, rethink, and talk about it and figure out if I really wanted one.

I love Ubuntu, and I love my desktop setup. And with that, I think I’m pretty firm that for any “PC” hardware I have (technically a mac is also a personal computer, but the industry sucks, eh.) I will always use Ubuntu (Linux) But as far as portability goes, I will dedicate myself to Mac.

The kick in the balls was when I received a mac to use at work. I’m being the guinea pig to see if it’s feasible for us to use macs for full-on web development. After not quite a week of using it, I love it. It’s a slightly older machine, but it’s still respectable hardware – a “PC” of that age would blow goats. It’s fast, it’s peppy, it’s pretty, and it works for every single thing I need to use. Except those few damn websites that require IE 6.

It even goes to sleep and wakes up properly and promptly. Power saving that works? Impressive.

So, with my new found love for Mac OS X (it was merely lust before) the MacBook Pro of my future will be enjoyed to no end.

Now if only there were a chickita that I could apply my mac lust/love to.

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