I guess some people never grow up. They play house when they’re kids, and when they get to be adults and realize that the whole working-for-money thing isn’t all it was cracked up to be, they start playing god.

Scientists, hoping to create sheep with harvestable human organs have made sheep that are 15% human. And so it begins. Normally I am against the slippery slope argument. Generally, when there’s a slippery slope, it is leading to something good. IE: don’t give women the vote, or the next thing you know, they’ll want their husbands to stop beating them. Or don’t let homosexuals marry, or the next thing you know they’ll be adopting children. In this case, however, I have to say that Sheeple embody slippery slope. Where will scientists draw the line between human and non- human? Certainly I don’t think that a sheep that is 85% sheep is a non-sheep. I don’t think that 15% human is necessarily enough to make a sheep significantly smarter, and if they’re using the DNA from the scientists that came up with this plan, they may in fact be dumber than regular sheep… but 15% also isn’t enough to create human-compatible organs.. How much is? Probably, they’ll make 20:80 hybrids, and if that’s not enough, 25:75… which gives us creatures that are a quarter human—which we will then slaughter. Because nothing is better than a race pre-filled with animosity towards our own, with the chemical capability for human emotion, and only a quarter the brain-power.

Cloning, by itself, is bad enough. Not because it challenges God, or upsets the balance of nature, but because it plays with life to no purpose. I mean, what is the point? Cloning a person does what, exactly? It makes the gene pool a little shallower and it… oh wait, I think that’s all it does. Certainly, no moral person would consider that a cloned person isn’t human, so it’s not like we can harvest their organs, or perform experiments on them. Cloning animals, as far as I can figure, serves absolutely no purpose, unless as research for cloning people, or to prevent a species from going extinct. I suppose if we could find the right DNA we could pull a Jurassic Park and make already-extinct animals… bring back the dodo or something…Or, or, we could make a sheep! Go sheep. You know how else you can make a sheep? You take a boy-sheep and a girl-sheep and you stick them in a field together during mating season. The lamb they produce has a way longer life expectancy than el sheep clone.

I suppose cloning isn’t all bad; it leads the way for genetic engineering, lets us make things like ANDi, the glow-in-the-dark monkey. Don’t get me wrong; ANDi certainly has his place in the world… probably fighting crime alongside Detective Chimp.

If we can get back to the Sheeple, though… If we ignore, for the moment, the moral concerns inherent in creating a species of what will inevitably turn out to be super-smart, for the express purpose of killing them, if we postulate that people who are 100% human are more important than anything else in the universe, and should be allowed to do what they please, it’s still a ridiculous idea. Look at the history of genetically engineered and cloned animals. Lab mice that have been genetically modified have significantly reduced life spans. Dolly died young, of something unrelated to the fact that she was a clone. Noah, the buffalo lasted two days before he died, of an unrelated infection. I suppose we can assume that the dramatically shorter life-expectancy of the mice was also unrelated to the fact that they were genetically engineered. And it must be true, because the scientists whose funding is based on the success of their experiments would never lie about something like that. There are many other cases of a similar nature. Sometimes, cloned and modified animals live longer than normal, which makes the whole thing more of a gamble than a definite screwing-of-the-organ-recipient-over. I can see the ads now: Some old man with a little girl, and sheep organs inc. gave me my life back. I got to see my granddaughter grow up* and then in tiny letters: *your experience may vary.

So once again, I say it begins. It is an inevitable truth of humans that our history will continue to repeat itself. We are on the verge of a holy war, people are following leaders, that to future generations will seem the most obvious of fools, and now, having advanced beyond considering other groups of people to be sub-human, we are about to create a race of literal sub-humans, which among the aforementioned problems, will likely also lead to plagues of animal viruses to which humans were previously immune. Wee! Bring on the Armageddon.

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