Silly Driving


I drove in on Friday, it took 2h 15m. It wasn’t even ‘horrid’ traffic. It was fairly normal and just damn slow. I’m glad I take the train on a regular basis, cuz I certainly wouldn’t drive for shit.

I paid $7 for parking and still got a parking ticket. Did you know it’s illegal to park on the end of a row outside the lines? Yep, and it costs $30 to do so. Next time the lot is full, park illegally on the street. It’s cheaper.

I had to go to the airport so I got directions. Google made me swim 5500Kms. It was wet, cold and I had to kick a sharks as but I made it.

On a brighter side of things, if any of you have been to Pearson Terminal 3 (Trillium!) you’ve probably said in the past how much it sucks. It was crowded, annoying, and generally a pain in the ass. Well, they’ve finished a large round of renovations and… It’s a friggin breeze. It’s large, spacious, and you don’t even have to go outside to get to and from the parking garage now. It’s blutty brilliant. Finally.

Another boring story?

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