Gmail For Everyone

Google is the world’s fastest and in my opinion best search engine. They’ve been expanding on what they do for years, quietly, to select people by invitation only. Gmail is their email system and shook up the competition when it came out. The likes of Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. had to start attempting to match the absolutely free service Gmail provided.

It is now free to the world, no more invite required. I say go get a gmail account because here’s what you get:

1) 2.8 gigs of a mailbox and it increases by 5 bytes every second. This is a large amount of space and in the last few years it’s gone up by those 800 megs and my account hasn’t even used 800 megs so you’ll have to put some moderate effort into using up all the as-fast-as-google-runs space.

2) Attachments can be up to 20 megs (that’s double any other place).

3) You don’t have to make folders and move mail and constantly delete things. In fact, you don’t delete anything you don’t want to. The idea is to use the Google search engine to find things in your mailbox. Therefore when mail comes in, say from Conor in England, you can slap whatever labels on it to keep track, such as “Conor” and “England”. When you search via google on your mail, you can sort/filter by such labels, or look for key words be it a sender, recipient, subject heading, text in the body of the email — it does not matter, it’s GOOGLE, you just put in key words and microseconds later it’s got the results in the process of displaying for you. Yes you can have mail auto-labled based on conditions.

4) It’s never too busy, flooded with morons and down for hours/days. You won’t lose your account if you don’t sign in every 30 damn days. You’ll never be pressured to buy more space or purchase more features — it comes with a bunch and you just use them, all of them.

Go to and sign up.

PS. Their junk mail filter really works.

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