Finally Some Perspective

The original Star Wars film, that’s Episode IV: A New Hope, has been in the top 10 highest grossing films in time and people fail to recognise how truly amazing that is. I have some figures for you to contemplate.

The price of a ticket in 1977 was about $2.25

Despite opening in just 32 US theatres (Spiderman 3 recently premiered in 4324 US theatres) across the US on May 25, 1977 it went on to be the second highest grossing film all time behind Titanic.

Theatre sizes have exploded with the big-screen demand and places like Silver City. Remember the smaller scrceens and smaller theatres. That’s all they had in 1977.

So when you consider the cost of a ticket was solidly 25% of what it costs today, and it still beats the fuck out of almost every movie out there and only started off in 32 theatres in the US, Star Wars was a hit like generations to follow can only dream of.

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