Crock of…

shit. That’s what the comments are by Stockwell Day in regard to video allegedly aired by the Taliban in which they pledge to send attackers to the US, German, Canada, and the UK to blow up some stuff. Day believes the security services in Canada would be up to the challenge of detecting any threats at the border coming into Canada. Basically, that’s a pile of shit. They have very little chance of doing that, and while I find the possibility of the Taliban specifically getting into Canada and blowing up stuff pretty far-fetched, I’m not so sure that that’s the case for other organizations. I think that for the most part our security services don’t know what they’re doing, and that much of that is due to the fact that they’re grossly under-funded. Plus, several reports have concluded that Canada is horribly unprepared for any significant terrorist threat – and I’m not referring to ignorant comments made by American politicians. It’s a matter of time before Canada suffers a major terrorist attack. Should Canadians be worried? A little, sure. It’s going to happen; we need to be prepared for it. Should we change our policy and adopt the US/UK police state method? No. But, more should be done. And, it’s shocking if they really think that we could handle a major attack.

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